Friday, August 17, 2007

check this out

Blog Catalogue (see link in sidebar) has come up with a worthy challenge....
The goal is to get a record number of bloggers writing on the same subject, so September 27th is Anti Abuse day... how about joining in and making it a really worthwhile and thought provoking day, when bloggers across the globe are informed and challenged to make a difference. The cool thing is that the topic is so broad, because there are all types of abuse that need to be addressed, and each of us has certain topics which we are particulaly passionate about. Imagine if we could all impart some of our passion for our area of concern to a huge audience of fellow bloggers worldwide? What abuses freak you out? Animal abuse? Abuse of power? (as in corrupt politicians, bosses, teachers etc) Abuse of women and or children? Abuse of the planet? Abuse of the legal system?.... The possibilities are endless, so please consider joining up, and thinking about it, so that on September 27th we can produce a worldwide protest against many kinds of abuse.
You can follow THIS LINK to find out more.


RUTH said...

Glad you're joining in. It's going to be an important day.

Janet said...

What a good idea. I'll write something on that day. Thank you for providing this information. I'll make a link on my blog, too.