Monday, February 11, 2008

new things

It's a game of cat and mouse.............
meet Felicity, the new resident brat chez Farty. I must say, for a little little person, she is already remarkably bold, and has good habits like using the litter box and sleeping through the night..... beats a human baby when it comes to low maintenance!
Here she is showing the mouse that she is the new boss around here (although I suspect the other cats may need a bit of convincing about that )....Fergs views her presence in the house with utter contempt, and we haven't even let Deedee know she is here because that is bound to be traumatic, DD being a real mean mamma when it comes to new kittens. Fergs is still getting over the trauma of how she treated him! So Felicity's introduction to the household is taking place in small steps. But as you can see, Mr Farty is already completely besotted!
Felicity is a gift to him from the very beautiful Amelia. Being a very advanced little girl, the day she was born she gave each of us a gift, me a stunning abstract painting by one of my favourite artists...even then the girl had impeccable taste.... and a Siamese kitten for Mr F. The problem is Siamese cats are like hens teeth around here at the moment. For the story of how we got Felicity, you can read Mr F's account. So thank you Miss Millie!

Speaking of Miss Millie, she and her mom and dad are back in Sudan. It sucks being so far away, but I must say modern technology makes it easier. When the wee E was growing up in Harare, most of the time the phone lines were down, cell phones not working, the post unreliable and internet an erratic nightmare, so we missed so much of his early development. We are spoilt now, with skype phone, web-cam, and our blogs, we are able to keep up quite well. Here is the delightful Miss Millie, aged 5 months. Is she a babe or what??!!

And I am gobsmacked to report that my studio is up! On Friday the builders arrived to dig foundations, and by Saturday, there it was! We are accustomed to a sort of 'do-it-yourself with the help of a couple of guys over the weekend' approach, and it takes forever. So using real builders for a change came as a revelation! The plasterers may come today, if the post-weekend headaches allow! And then we have to braek through into the old storeroom and do roof, floor etc.

so far so good.

Today is the day that we hang our Historic Port Elizabeth exhibition, opening tomorrow at 6pm. Whew. There are still things I wanted to paint, but there is plenty to make a varied and interesting exhibition.

And finally. I must thank Janet so much for giving me the Powerful Words award.

In receiving the award you are asked to share three things that you believe make writing good and powerful, then pass the award on to five blogs that exemplify good and powerful writing.

Janets 3 things were well thought out, and I can't better them so i am copying them here:
The things that I look for in a writer are do they keep my attention....are they entertaining. Are they "real" as in truthful and honest and do they cause me to make changes in the way I think about things. And are they witty or humorous. Her reasons for passing it on to me are:
"because she is entertaining, smart, funny, very creative, political, and lets me glimpse another part of the like DebR she takes great photographs!!"
WOW thanks Janet, ((((grin))))
But as this is a no tag zone, this is where I cop out from choosing others.... I hate having to single anyone out because the award applies to all my favourite links on my sidebar in one way or the other. So consider yourself awarded!


Janet said...

I can see that Felicity is going to be a real charmer! She's just so cute. And Mr Farty is definitely a goner!!

And speaking of cute....Miss Millie is adorable! What a beautiful little face. Technology is great for keeping in touch, isn't it?

As for the award being passed on, no problem. I just knew that you were someone that deserved it much more than I did.

Old Wom Tigley said...

What a nice post, good luck with all thats happening this week.. I hope you can find the time to blog. ;o)

Jenty said...

Awww, that's one very cute kitty!
And Millie is just adorable!
Good luck with the exhibition.

Gillian said...

Felicity is so cute! She's going to give you lots of photo-opportunities.

How on earth do you get such big images and multi-images on Blogger? I have a hard enough time just uploading normal size.

imac said...

Cute thing, Looks like you busy from now then, lol, whats that you say no blogging oh my lol lol.

great post

Dirty Duck Canal walk continues.

Lilli & Nevada said...

What a cute kittie, we have a siamese and she was very light when she was a kittie, but as she got older she has gotten pretty dark, those blue eyes got my husband when he first seen her outside were she was dumped off. Congratulation on your award

Suzi-k said...

Gillian. To get the big images, upload large as usual with blogger. Then go to html tab at the top of the new post box.
The code for the photo is about 4 lines long, and somewhere near the end you will see 400s. All you do is change the 400 to either 640 or 720, depending on which is best for your template. Certain templates can't handle bigger pix. I use Minima stretch, and I have also altered the ratio between main body and sidebar to make the sidebar narrower and the main body wider. If you want to know how, e mail me and I'll send the alterations to the code.

I get multiples in 2 ways. This kitty series were all just uploaded to blogger as small, alignment none. then I drag the first one to where I want it, and hit the justify centre icon on the top bar of the new post page. Then i drag two more to the right of it and they end up centred across the page. Repeat for next row and drag up so gaps reduced between rows, et voila. Works if all pix are same shape. if not i import into a word document, adjust sizes and positions, and then copy to paint and save as a JPEG. Hope this is all not as clear as mud to you!

quintarantino said...

That little one is a true cutie indeed.

Lawstude said...

Very cute kitty.

imac said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and all your family.
and see my Valentines message

Gillian said...

Thanks for the info, Suzi. I'm so impressed by your techie knowledge. I didn't know you could do that. Thanks. I've printed it off.
Thanks too for your comments on my blog. I shall take a side-step to your friend's blog when I've finished enjoying your new photos. x