Friday, August 29, 2008

where do I begin?

So much has been going on in the last few weeks that I really don't know if I can even remember it all. If I tried to go through it all in chronological order I'd have to write a book. So suffice to say that the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of exhibitions, painting, granson's birthday party, weekend in St Francis, Crime Forum , Gallery and Body Corporate committee meetings, sitting for a portrait (!!!!!!) and a trip to Capetown.

So I think I'll just start at the end, and fast forward to the trip. I adore long distance driving, and my absolute best is when I am on a long trip alone in the car, is to have my music going and me singing along full volume. (Trust me, with my voice this can ONLY ever happen when alone on the road!) Sadly, I soon discovered that this was one pleasure I would not enjoy on this trip, because I had a sore throat and the first song was mutilated worse than usual with excruciating croaks and squeaks, followed by a coughing fit. Oh well, never mind, just settle down and enjoy the scenery.

What could be cooler than relaxing behind the wheel, travelling along in no particular rush, and enjoying scenery which is world famous for its beauty? The coastal belt between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth is known as the garden route, because of the wonderful variety of indigenous vegetation along the way. It is mostly bounded by the sea on one side and mountains on the other.

Between Swellendam and Grabbouw the land is a tapestry of farmlands, including the most wonderful fields of Canola, grown for its oil. It flowers profusely in a rich lemon yellow.

This isn't the greatest photo, I shot it through a rather bug splatted window at 120 km per hour, but I have included it to show you the stunning solid yellow colour of the canola fields.

I have a "thing" about lighthouses, and the one in Mossel Bay is particularly interesting because it is built on a rocky headland, and from below, you can see that it has been built over a large cave.

I have often seen it from below, but this was the first time that i have taken the time to drive to the top and see it from the gardens that surround it.

I even had company, i was being closely watched by this little chap... a Rock Hyrax, or as we call them Dassie. (Believe it or not, although this looks like a rodent, its closest relative in the animal kingdom is the elephant!)

Right, so we are halfway there, we'll continue the journey in the next post.

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