Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cope-ing with political change....

The reason I have been so scarce..... a new political party has emerged onto the scene in South Africa. I have checked it out on the facebook groups and discussion boards, and it looks very promising to me. I believe it is the one chance we have to seriously challenge the dominance of the ANC (which, under the leadership of the "machine gun" singing Mr Zuma, will head in the direction of Zimbabwe very fast) but it is in its infancy, and needs serious guidance if it is going to grow into a worthwhile party that doesn't just repeat past mistakes. check it out here . The Manifesto launch is in PE on Saturday, so I am off to the Wolfson Stadium along with half the country, to show solidarity with the new party. What with this new Hope on the South African horizon, and Obama in the WhiteHouse, things are looking interesting. This might end up being one of those pivitol periods in world history!

Even the keenest politician has to take a break. We are involved in our local neighbourhood watch and do weekly patrols in the wee small hours. Saturdays patrol ended around sunrise, so we popped down to the beachfront to check it out.
These fishermen also took advantage of the perfect weather to make an early start.
So excuse my absence for a while, I'm off to save the world! Rats, where did my white horse run off to?


Firefly said...

Good luck with your political venture. Hope you can COPE with it. Ha ha ha... No honoustly. This is our chance not to hand Zuma the ultimate power. Only a little bit.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Goog luck and keep safe Suzi.. Max let me know how you were getting on... by the way I love that bottom view... now that would make a work of art.
Big Peter is a back living in his tent even though the weather here as dropped to record lows at times. He as told me he is painting a lot, so maybe he will turn up soon with some artwork to show me. I do think he is also drinking again which is such a bad sign for him... I can only hope he is OK and I have let him know my door is open when he feels ready to show himself again.
I'm fine.. slight chesty cold but apart from that OK... and Jane is as fit as a Greyhound..
Hope you are well


Janet said...

I hope your new political party brings about some good changes for your country. We are lucky that, as of yesterday, we have a new leader in my country. And I feel as if a breath of fresh air just blew in the window! There is hope again.

Suzi-k said...

JF, hi, yes it's pretty exciting stuff.... watch this space, you ain't seen nothin' yet!!!

Hi Tom, so glad to see you back, and reasonably well! Sad to hear about Peter, I know you 2 have done so much to help him, but I have discovered that, with all the good will in the world, you can only help someone who truly WANTS to be helped. So try not to take it as a failure. Who knows, maybe his paintings will really take off and give him the confidence boost he needs? Haha, say hi to that pretty greyhound of yours!

Janet, I am THRILLED for you and the rest of the world, if that inauguration speech was anything to go by, we are into a hopeful new era indeed!

Sheila@Simple Indulgences said...

A new political party, and the hope of a new administration always gives us hope. I hope this one lives up to their expectations for you.
Watching the inauguration on Tuesday, was wonderful.

Even my little 8 year old grand daughter said,
"Abraham Lincoln would be so happy"

The world certainly needs some sorting out, and I don't envy those with the job of trying to do it.

Love the art work on your other blog, excellent!

Anonymous said...

I have been following the Cope new party and am sure they will stop the ANC to rule without opposition. To me, the best would be an alliance between Cope and the DA in Government, Provinvial and local circles; What do you think of that ?

Heather said...

Oh I love your blog..love your photos and adore your art...lets hope COPE grows and grows! The link was so interesting to read..thanks so much!

Ali Honey said...

Yes they are...worth a thousand words - lovely, and very differenr from our scenery here.
Take care and be creative and happy!