Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter and other delightful diversions.

Well a belated Happy Easter to all, hope it was a good family time for all of you. The plan, chez Farty, was to go to St Francis for 3 nights a chill out a bit. However, there has been so much chaos around here, with building operations, and a hideous backlog in admin, filing, tax returns etc, and we somehow both got on a roll with sorting out our lives. So two days went by before we finally got motivated to sling a few things into a bag and head for the Port. We decided to take the wee E (our pocket dynamite 3 year old grandson) with us. OK, so any idea of associating time in St Francis with chilling out was immediately rendered out of the question.... but still it was great fun.

We stopped off at the world famous surf spot, Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay, so the little guy could pick up shells on the beach.

He didn't want to know about shells, he was totally focussed on filling his bucket with sand and dumping it in the rock pools, in between flinging pebbles around!

The surf was not up to its usual standard, but even the small waves had that perfect tube that makes this place so popular.

A highlight was spotting two tame mongooses in the carpark. They are normally shy creatures glimpsed fleetingly as they disappear into the bush, so it was a delight to get close to this pair.

At St Francis, we went for a stroll on the harbour wall.....

It always fascinates me to see how kids go about making friends, they seem to lack the social restraints we adults have. In seconds these two met and were running around together, they didn't even speak the same language or know each other's names, but they just got straight on with having fun together.

Little E was so fascinated by all the boats, so we chartered a fishing boat to take us out of the harbour and down to shark point.

The sea was pretty rough (these pictures don't convey what a wild ride it was, taking pictures while holding on tight to a bucking boat was quite a challenge!) At first he was less than impressed, and although he didn't freak out or cry, a little wail of "I want my mommy" did escape his tightly clenched lips......

But when we explained that we were riding on the backs of the waves, like riding a horse, and the white bits were called white horses, he got into it and started to enjoy himself.

The next morning we woke up before the sun and went to watch his first sunrise on the harbour wall (his mom and dad are not mad nocturnal creatures like granny and grandpa!)

He was fascinated to see it pop up over the sea, and gave his mom a delightful description the next day, complete with waving arms and vivid hand gestures to describe how the sun was sleeping, then woke up and peeped over the edge of the sea!

Here he is on the harbour wall, still in his pyjamas and carrying his favourite soft toy, a dog who he calls Swikky!

on the way back we went via the swimming pool, and he was delighted with his reflection in the mirror like water.

Then off to the lighthouse for breakfast and a visit to the penguin rehab centre, and finally home for a good afternoon nap (well, for an exhausted granny and grandpa anyway! He had slept all the way home and kept his mom and dad on their toes.)

Last night we went off to the cricket, which was great fun. You can read more about it on our PE daily Photo blog.

So its been a fun time!


dot said...

Lots of interesting pictures! I love the sky in two of them. The mongoose has very weird looking eyes.

Jenty said...

Looks like you had an absolute blast!

Kerri said...

Oh What FUN! That sunrise was AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

What a great Easter that was!

Old Wom Tigley said...

I love your post Suzi... it's like a visit from a good friend who has all the news to tell of whats been happening. I enjoy every word and picture... the sunrise was stunning and a memory made never to be forgotten.

I'm moving your link to a new section I'm doing.. so if you see it as gone do not be alarmed.. I'm still linking.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh looks like he was having a good time for sure.

imac said...

Such interesting post, cute kids,and great photos and story.

Terry said...

What a little doll your grandson is! What a fun outing. The mongooses (or are they mongeese?) are so interesting. I've never seen one, though they are purported to be all over the Virgin Islands.

Suzi-k said...

thanks for visiting, yes it was fun!