Saturday, May 17, 2008

this'n that weekend ramblings

Well, it has been a fairly productive week. On the work front, I finally goaded myself back into the studio. I was having a spell of severe procrastination, and just could not seem to motivate myself to christen the new studio. I read a post by CJ in Scotland which pretty much exactly expressed what was going on, and so we made a pact to encourage each other to get going. It seems to have worked (thanks CJ, knowing you are accountable to someone does provide the needed shove in the right direction!!) It is quite gratifying that requests to exhibit at various galleries have been coming in, and I really needed to make a start, so it is a relief that when I did get in there, it really started to flow, and i have made a great start. I finished a large one and began 5 others, and also made frames for some of them. Will post pix on the art blog shortly!

On the health front, Max and I have been making a concerted effort to maintain the momentum of improving our lifestyle since his heart attack. For me the motivation is a cholesterol reading that is still too high, despite 4 months of careful eating, and for him it is making sure he never has to go through that again!
But having said that, we have both been aware that the occasional stroll round the neighbourhood, stopping every few seconds to take photos, is NOT going to do much to contribute to greater fitness.

We did manage to climb Mount Moorisi in Lesotho,

and last weekend we climbed the Campanile, an iconic PE landmark, which is a tall (204 steps to be precise) brick bell tower built to commemorate the centenary of the arrival of the 1820 settlers.
We surprised ourselves by being able to do these at all, but now want to get fit enough that next time, this issue will not be "can we make it?" but "how fast can we make it?"!!! I joined an aquarobics class recently, and work out in a heated pool twice a week, led by a physiotherapist. It is wonderful and I hate it if I have to miss a class. It has already made an enormous difference to the amount of pain in my knees and back, and I feel a great sense of well-being after each session. But it is not possible for Max to join in, as it is during his work hours, and it is not a cardiovascular workout, which I know is what we both need.
Soooooooooo .............. today we bit the bullet and bought an exercise bike. Hopefully, spurred on by the guilt if we don't get the maximum use out of such an expensive machine, we will now cycle ourselves to fitness (and with any luck less flabbiness will be an added bonus!)
So as I write this, I am waiting for my heart rate to drop and my legs to lose the jelly-like feeling (and secretly thinking "what have we done, are we totally mad??!!")
I'll end by sharing a few of my very favourite photos taken on our recent trip to Lesotho. As usual, I took so many, so today will only take us as far as the Barkly Pass, near Elliot in the Eastern Cape, next time we might even make it as far as Lesotho!

The forest in the arboretum in the delightful little mountain village of Hogsback.

On the road between Hogsback and Cathcart

Between Cathcart and Elliot

The mountains peeping through the mist at the top of the Barkly Pass.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Janet said...

First, I'll say your photos are always enjoyable and these are so pretty. Your travels took you to such diverse scenery.

As for the procrastination I can so relate to that, too. In all honesty I think that's why I've been in such an art funk. I keep reading blogs each day and then I look at the time and I have none left to do anything art related!

I'm happy to hear you and Max are working to be healthier. It's not an easy thing to do....believe me. That's another thing I procrastinate about....getting off my butt and doing some exercixe! The bicycle sounds like a good idea although I have a treadmill that is a great dust catcher and clothes hanger!!

Neva said...

I love your photos! and I have been wondering how Max has been doing health wise...on his blog he seems to be so healthy! I have an exercise bike and 3'd think I would be in better shape than I am ....but walking the dogs and stopping while they sniff and do their business is not that cardiovascular noteworthy either! I will have to take a page out of your book and quit procrastinating and start on the bike with a plan of at least 5 times a week. I will keep you posted!

dot said...

It's so hard to be healthy! I always hear the tales about so and so who denied herself all the wonderul bad foods, exercised, and then died anyway.
Your pictures are great as always. I love the windmill.

imac said...

Well, what fantastic photos and story - great post.

pop over and see my busy critter.

Andrea said...

Wow, all your pictures are beautiful.

lv2scpbk said...

Beautiful photos. I love the windmill one.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Suzi
Great set of pictures, loved the reflection. I wish you well with the bike.... they are very good for handing towels on and such.. :O) I have tried once or twice to get fit again but the set back really get to me at time. Now I walk, and walk some more.. and then I rest. Sometimes I manage more walking than resting.. but mostly it is the other way around.. ha!

Good luck with it all.
Nice to hear you are back painting

Suzi-k said...

Thanks for the visit guys, and it seems my initial fears about the bike becoming a dust collector after the first week are well founded! Well, if it does become a towelrack, it will be the most expensive one I have seen... hopefully guilt will keep us motivated!

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Love all your pictures, principally
"Between Cathcart and Elliot" photo. Great post!

Firefly said...

Another super set of pics. You just seem to be able to churn them out. Much enjoyed. How I miss Hogsback now.