Thursday, June 19, 2008

Variety is the spice of life

I adore living in Port Elizabeth. You have to dress in layers here, like an onion that can peel or put on layers as necessary. Most of the time the bay looks blue and serene like this (taken on Thursday last week) and even though it is mid winter, you are running around in a T-shirt.

Then you wake up to amazing sunrises... with the promise of an interesting partly cloudy day. It is windy but pleasant... but it could go either way, so you carry a jacket around just in case.....

And then suddenly you find this...(taken yesterday morning)

And you pile on a few more layers, jersey, hat, scarf...

If you are chicken, you just stay in the car to enjoy the views! I must admit, I adore winter, so for me the grey is a fabulous change from all the clear blue skies. Bring it on!!!

And now (in the immortal words of Monty Python) for something completely different....

I am about to be SPOILED! Later this morning my friend Julie is picking me up and taking me to Casa Mia a wonderful health spa in Addo for a day of pampering, facials, massages and possibly a jaccuzzi (although, since today looks pretty much like yesterday, and the jaccuzzi is outdoors, the jury is still out on that one!)

here we are at Casa Mia a couple of years ago, doing a session of African drumming. I am in pinkstripes and Julie is to my right in the photo (left in reality!)

No sleeveless tops today, that's for sure! YAY.... I shall return tonight glowing, and wafting along on a cloud of bliss..... Don't fancy poor Max's chances of me climbing off the cloud and cooking dinner, hehe... but since take-aways are a thing of the past chez farty, (see his post on heart issues!) I guess it's going to be re-heated leftovers.... mmmm bean curry again!


Kerri said...

Sounds like LOTS of fun. Can't wait for you to tell us all about it!!
Your shots are beautiful as usual!!

Katney said...

Have a ball!