Monday, May 04, 2009

Howdy Strangers

Oh dear, time seems to have been flying by, I hardly know where to start! The last month has been a roller coaster ride of travels, elections, exhibitions, hardcore political discussions on facebook, and very excitingly, planning a trip to Turkey and Bulgaria!

So, in no paticular order, here are some images from the last month.....
A trip to the Addo elephant park on Easter Sunday was a delightful outing....

strangely enough, for us, although we loved the elephants, the highlight for us was the meerkat family, their synchronised antics had us in stitches!

Of course, the big news of the month was the election on 22nd April, and it was preceeded by the usual hoopla and promises. Cope came to the party late, due to lack of funds, so while the election posters of the other parties faded on the lamp poles, Cope was noticeably absent, but went big near the end and wrapped whole buildings!

Also on Easter weekend, there was a family day rally to celebrate family values.

We had more encounters of the wild kind this weekend, when we took our grandson to meet the big cats at the Seaview Lion Park. I am not crazy about caged wild animals (I will never own a bird in a cage for the same reason) but these are well looked after, and the cages are huge, so it wasn't too bad or depressing to see them there.

One interesting aspect of the place is their program for breeding the extremely rare white lions. They are not albinos, but have a recessive gene for the blonde colouring. Some of the tawny lions in the park carry the gene, so that they sometimes produce white cubs in their litters.

there were also three Bengal Tigers, which must be the most magnificent of all the cats, although this chap was hardly putting on much of a show for his species, he was totally blissed out after lunch!

Meanwhile this lioness was waiting for her lunch with great anticipation.

And this guy was having a bad hair day!

Another adventure during the month was to go with my friend Julie and her daughter Nana, who had decided to conquer her fear of heights in dramatic fashion, by doing the world's highest bridge bungy jump. It was actually a lot of fun, they had disco music pumping under the bridge which created a great atmosphere in combination with the adrenilin of the jumpers, well done Nana!

This guy went twice!

Don't look down! The Bloukrantz Bridge, about 2 hours to the West of Port Elizabeth.

I also had a trip down to East London (about 3 hours the other side of Port Elizabeth, to the East) In fact to the East in more ways than one... because one of the arty events was the opening of a wonderful exhibition by 4 leading Chinese artists, I just adored their work.

I also attended the AGM of our National arts body SANAVA and got to meet the heads of several other galleries and art bodies around the country, and even a delegation from the Portuguese Art School in Mocambique. It was a very inspiring weekend.

Another exhibition opening I attended during the month was that of Lizo Pemba (on the right)at the Red Location Museum. He is the grandson of the legendary Eastern Cape artist, George Pemba. I had previously met his father Titus (third from the left) who is a character of note, so it was an entertaining evening!

So I'll end this update with one of the lovely sunrises we have seen lately, and the bonus is, since winter is almost here, we don't have to get up obscenely early to enjoy them!


Janet said...

I'vebeen wondering what you were up to I know. You've been BUSY!! Love the big cat photos, and I feel the same way about caged animals.

What a lovely end to your post. The sunrise photo is gorgeous.

Firefly said...

Busy as a bee. Geez, but you have been busy. If its not this its that. At least you're taking tha camera along where ever you go. I love the elephant pic as well as the lion ones.

Sheila said...

Hi Suze, nice to see you back..!
You are a busy lady..!
Loved seeing the animals, especially the meerkats..we watch Meerkat Manor on TV, and love it.
I too am uncomfortable with zoos, and animals confined unaturally, and would never have a caged bird for that reason.
These guys look like they have lots of room to move freely.
The art looks very interesting, I wish I could say the same about the bungee jumping. I get sweaty palms just thinking about it.!

imac said...

The 1st lion shot and jumping off the bridge pics grabbed me most, The lion and its mane, just brill and the bridge jumping NEVER would I do that, but the folk who do are so brave, altogether great post.

Annabel said...

Thanks for a very interesting blog. I was especially interested in the mention you made of Lizo Pemba. Years ago, whilst visiting family in PE, I bought a number of his drawins and one oil painting all of which hang on my walls here in Brighton, England. I was pleased to see that Lizo is still painting. Can you tell me where I might see his latest work - I'll be coming to South Africa next year and would love to see what he's up to. The pieces I have were done when he was a student so it'll be good to see the progression.
Thanks again