Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A rush of blood to the head.... well at least it looks like that.

After a particularly gruelling renovation involving an obscene quantity of old carpet glue and copious amounts of sandpaper and noisy cumbersome machinery, not to mention getting through the process by popping pain killers like smarties, the gallery transformation finally happened and, with the help of my friend, Nigerian artist Usen Obot, we got the Chinese Exhibition hung half an hour before the opening... no pressure!!!

So today I took some ME time, swanned around the house all morning in a disreputable old kaftan, and then took myself off to jazz up my hair a bit, watch out world, this granny will be back soon, brighter and bolder than ever!


imac said...

Love the hair-do, I bet that cheered you up quite a lot after all the stress of the whole job, hope it all went well.

Firefly said...

I have to make a plan to pop by the gallery.

Avril said...

mmm.. I need a new hairstyle too! - looks great! As does the gallery - a job well done!
re previous post - glad you made peace with your dad.
And well done on saving the park - it's a lovely view you have there

Sheila said...

Well considering the pressure you were under it all came out well in time. Good job!
I adore the hair. What a rocking granny you are Suze..!

Janet said...

The gallery looks wonderful! All that hard work paid off.

And your hair is fantastic!! I keep thinking I'll do something really different but I never do. I guess spikey hair will have to do.