Monday, September 18, 2006

Having come to the conclusion that it is easier to paint cats than philosophise or theorise about them, here are some of the latest efforts, and one older one.


megansblog said...

Hey Suzi,
I believe that you may not be as addicted as you first thought!
i stalk your blog on a daily basis and am worried that you may be loosing blog-momentum, can i help or encourage in any way?
ps/ love the tong pix

Janet said...

I love your cat paintings! But them I'm a non-perfectionist owned by a couple of cats!! I'm already partial to the subject matter. But really, your artwork is great. Love how colorful and happy they are.

Suzi-k said...

thanks Janet, i do enjoy doing them and have a few very willing models to work from at home, hence the name of the series being "Lazy Cats"

Megan, as with all my enthusiasms, they happen in fits and starts, it is a bit of a pain being such an "all or nothing" girl, but i get a lot done in the "all" phases, then need to recover in the "nothing" ones! I seem to think we both know a certain pilot who may have similar tendancies!~