Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hi there ether -pals

As i am doing this totally on impulse, after being egged on by a friend who may conceivably be the first person i have met who is wierder than me, i have NO idea where to start or what to say that would possibly be of interest to anyone else, but its a start, let's see where it goes once i have had time to think about it rationally.

(Don't you just hate being photographed when you are still running around in pyjamas, with hair that hasn't seen a comb in the last week?!) However, it is REAL and there is so much FAKE around so here we are.


megansblog said...

Am i the maddest of all?

(i hope so!)

The question is where is it all going to lead?
I watch and wait with more than a little interest...

megansblog said...
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