Monday, October 23, 2006

Justice South African style

The photo of Flash, triumphantly wielding his broom, was taken after he and his wife had had a chance to get dressed and have all their wounds patched up.

As it turned out, do not feel too sorry for the man on the ground, he had stabbed the grandma with a screwdriver to make her release the bicycle, and the trip to the Emergency Room for stitches cost a fortune! While the two geriatrics spent several days recovering from their injuries, aches and pains, the burglar will be released within a day or so to go right back to his criminal activities.

The Police were clearly irritated by the inconvenience of being handed an actual criminal to deal with, and having to write out case documents, When it came to putting together evidence for the case, such as fingerprints, the screwdrivers etc they were blatantly disinterested. Such is the South African so-called justice system.

However, with each injustice, the residual rage grows, and both the authorities and the criminals need to be aware that, if they tackle this couple again, the weapon of choice will have much more permanent results than the broomstick did!


Janet said...

Funny story!

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