Monday, October 30, 2006

October Highlights

This has been quite an eventful month down here at 33 degrees south! With the arrival of summer we have had some wonderful evenings wandering along the beachfront, watching the sun set, and some equally lovely mornings watching it rise, especially at Port Saint Francis, where the day was greeted by seals, a whale, dolphins and even a penguin paddling into the Port as the sun came up! The Jacarandas are in full bloom, with the streets around us carpeted in glorious sweet smelling purple. And to crown it all, we had a RAD airshow this weekend, complete with my personal favourite, the Mirage 3CZ, the only one still airborne anywhere in the world! So here are just a few of the MANY photos Flash and I have taken this month. (He has been road testing his latest toy, a cool camera which I am itching to hijack!)


Deb R said...

Is that what the purple flowering tree (bush?) is - a jacaranda? I've never seen one before and it's beautiful! All your photos are lovely. It's such fun to see pics from other parts of the world from where I live.

Suzi-k said...

yes, they originate in South America, but flourish here, especially in Pretoria, which is famous for them. I also enjoy doing the "around the world in pix" thing. Have you come across Panoramios on Google Earth yet? (Silly question, considering how computer literate you are!) it is one of my FAV sites. If you go to Cape Saint Francis, Namibia and Port Elizabeth, you will see lots of my pix there. And i have literally made friends with fellow travel/photo fanatics all across the world.

MargaretR said...

Hi Suzi-k. My first visit to your blog too. I jumped back to October because I wanted to see more of the seal. I love your photos and will certainly be coming back to have a look around in your blog. Thanks for your comment on Digital Gran.