Monday, September 18, 2006

the axe effect......

I have a horrible suspicion that getting addicted to blogging might be a serious indicator that, like the man who plays with dolls and toy sharks in the axe advert, one really needs to get a life!
So, to all those who i invited to participate in this site, if i don't hear from you, i will not take offence, but will assume that, unlike me, you actually do have a life!

more cattiness

Having come to the conclusion that it is easier to paint cats than philosophise or theorise about them, here are some of the latest efforts, and one older one.

Friday, September 15, 2006

cheers dears

It was reported on our local radio station today that Scottish scientists have made an interesting discovery regarding alcohol consumption. (Go figure, seems like an important national preoccupation!)

Apparently they have found that intellegent people are less prone to hangovers than their drinking partners of lesser intelligence.

It seems, therefore, that it might soon become less than fashionable to complain about the excruciating effects of the previous night's revelry, for fear of admitting to any latent stupidity.
But before you go off and start popping your post party disprins in secret, there was a theory attached to the discovery.

They postulated that the reason for this phenomenon might simply be that intelligent people are simply more prone to follow all the advice about the ill effects of alcohol, and therefore drink less.

Make of that what you will!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

this is my theory....

This is my theory....
"I have a theory which i am about to relate."..... but it turns out that the more i examine it, the less i can compare it to Ann Elk's simple and foolproof theory about dinosaurs (which you have to be a Monty Python fanatic to know about, her theory was that dinosaurs are thin on one end, thicker in the middle, and thin on the other end. As you can see it is very hard to think of examples which would refute this!)
My theory goes like this, and by the way, the entire train of thought was sparked by Megan's post relating to the messy lady who had her home cleaned, and whose kids seemed to run the gauntlet of cat's excreta etc.
This led me to reflect that cats are, in fact, incredibly fastidious creatures, who insist on cleaning up after themselves and are very discreet about their bathroom habits. (Obviously my 3 are an exception, as anyone who has seen the floor around their food bowls will confirm, so already, in laying a foundation for my brilliant theory, I see flaws developing.) Megan admitted to being somewhat less than perfect as a proud housewife, and i must confess that i don't even get close to anything that could be described as housework unless the situation is dire and totally unavoidable. i guess no clean coffee cups (i even sometimes go and buy more to avert this crisis, rather than washing the existing thousands) or green fur on the plates in the sink qualifies as a trigger. Yet both Megan and i are cat people. i then started reflecting on all the dog lovers i know, and lo and behold, they are mostly perfectionists! Now even the most ardent doggy person will admit in all honesty that dogs are really not the cleanest animals. They take a dump wherever they happen to be, and stroll off with never the slightest wrinkle on the forehead to indicate concern that it is in the path of some unsuspecting human. They smell so nasty that regular baths are mandatory, and after licking their nether regions, take great delight in lolloping up to the closest human victim and smothering them with slobbery kisses. Now this is my theory......PERFECTIONISTS ARE CLOSET MASOCHISTS, so they torture themselves with dogs as pets, while non perfectionists (which is a PC way of saying SLOBS) are very clever people who know what is good for them and therefore choose to be owned by cats.
This leads to a corollary to the theory, that CATS ARE MASOCHISTS who choose to own slobs, which must drive them mad, because they are so finicky!
Then i think of a certain pilot i know, who is primarily a dog lover, but could in no way be described as a perfectionist, he would rather go out and buy new clothes than wash the ones he has, so it seems my theory is a bit like Latin, you learn a rule of Latin grammar, and then spend weeks learning all the exceptions to the rule!
Perhaps i should stick to arty pursuits and leave the theorising to the left brain thinkers...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hi there ether -pals

As i am doing this totally on impulse, after being egged on by a friend who may conceivably be the first person i have met who is wierder than me, i have NO idea where to start or what to say that would possibly be of interest to anyone else, but its a start, let's see where it goes once i have had time to think about it rationally.

(Don't you just hate being photographed when you are still running around in pyjamas, with hair that hasn't seen a comb in the last week?!) However, it is REAL and there is so much FAKE around so here we are.