Friday, February 02, 2007

count this as tomorrow's blog because I will be away, and I did today's at midnight!

Deb R came up with another fun ‘getting to know you’ over at Create a Connection.
A Feast for the Senses
1. What are some of your favorite smells? Genuine artists turpentine, good strong coffee, freshly falling rain after a dry spell, pine needles, lemon peel, jasmine, gardenia, and freshly baked bread. What's a smell that many other people seem to like, but you don't? Very sweet perfume
2. What are some of your favorite tastes? Steak, biltong (beef jerky to my US friends!) asparagus, black calamata olives, tomato soup, prawns, feta cheese, mangoes. What's a taste many other people seem to like, but you don't? Avocado pear (sorry Ali- honey but I find them GROSS!)
3. What are some of your favorite textures? Plush and rich feeling fabrics like velvet, chenille, the new mock suedes. Cat fur. The patina of well worn and cared for old wood. Facetted crystal, sea worn frosted glass fragments, rounded pebbles. What's a texture that many other people seem to like, but you don't? peach skin, can’t handle it on my teeth!
4. What are some of your favorite sounds? Most music, laughter, the sea pounding on rocks, the throaty roar of a V8 engine, cat purring, the warbling tones of the coucal (a local bird) What's a sound that many other people seem to like, but you don't? R&B music.
5. What are some of your favorite sights? Joy on my grandson’s face. Light through coloured glass, or leaves. Sunsets and sunrises. Wild arid places, like the Namibian desert. The sea in all her moods. An F14 tomcat taking off from the deck of an aircraft carrier, WOW. Beautiful old buildings. What's a sight that many other people seem to like but you don't? Fake man-made canned entertainment places like Disney world.
Bonus: If you could greatly enhance just one sense - say for instance see as many colors as a bird, or smell as many distinct scents as a dog - which sense would it be and why?
It would have to be sight, I already have a passion for colour and the play of light and shadow, it would be amazing to enhance it.

More renovations:
When we bought Lily O'Dair (our house, for the uninitiated), the only thing I didn't really like was the fact that you looked from the front gate, straight into the front door, down the passage and onto a blank wall with a tatty pedestal basin. I have been meaning to do something about it since then.
Now that we are making a horrendous mess anyway, and have sorted out the front door side of things, I decided to bite the bullet and add a window at the end wall. I decided to leave the grotty plumbing and basin till later due to budget restrictions. Well as it turns out Andrew broke the basin by mistake when chopping out the window (secret YAY and delight!!!) So now I am FORCED (YIPPEE) to put in a new basin!! Can't do the really nice one i would have liked, but it will still be a bunch better than before. I am just sorry i don't have a before photo so you can compare!
So here is the new window, well it is actually a very old one, with the original old handmade blue and amber glass, which always makes lovely reflections. When we moved in, I tried to convince myself that the pipes mounted all over the walls were quaint and charming, but every time i lie in the bath they irritate me more, I mean what lazy plumber couldn't bother to take them to the outside wall?!!
so now that we have to fit a new basin, i am getting the plumber to redo them and move them out, luckily I have a few of the old tiles lying around. He should be coming towards the middle of next week.......Watch this space!

Daily photo:
So, not entirely surprisingly, given my obsession with colour, transparency and reflections, before the windows are even cleaned up, I am already loving how the trees look through the old glass!
looking out my front door week 5,Witblitz watches as strong winds blow the trees and dog walkers around!


talj said...

Some great photos here! Looks like you are kept very busy! I found my way to you blog via Ruth and thought I would say hello! :o) Hope you have a nice trip and I will pop back again soon :o)

Sheila said...

Great meme answers, you sound very interesting and observant..!
The coloured glass in your window is wonderful..hope to see you back soon.

DebR said...

Good answers, so glad you played!

You named some stuff I would've included if I'd thought of them, including peach skin as a bad texture (actually any sort of fruit or veg skin for me - I need them peeled!!), and cat purring as a good soothing!

Fingers crossed that my connection holds long enough for me to post this!!

RUTH said...

I'd have to agree with all of your

Allotment Lady said...

Its all looking good and love your meme answers - have a good away day

swampgrrl said...

oh i love your colorful windows. they are gorgeous. it's so fun to see your house and all the changes you are making.

i'll send that Elvis Costello show to you this week!

Janet said...

I enjoyed your answers to this meme. And as always, I love having a peek at what you've been up to at your house. The window is gorgeous! I love the colors.