Thursday, February 01, 2007

thanks Moe

I only have about 15 mins before my next meeting, and i don't know if i will get back tonight, so just a quickie, today's photo, and the results of my mug swap.

Swampgrrl sent me a lovely mug, THANKS MOE!!! I love it, there is nothing like an earthy, handthrown mug, with pulled handles. Because i used to be a potter, and swampgrrl still is, there is a mutual appreciation of these things, so well done to Jessie for setting it up! Postage from here is so scary that i had to send Moe's surface mail so I'm afraid hers is going to take forever to get to her.
here it is,
and here i am relishing that first desperately needed cup of coffee in it this morning (still with the haggard "just woke up, don't talk to me till this is finished" air about me!)
and today's photo, I am giving art lessons , and set up a still life, love the colours
ok that's it for now, will return with a meme if i get a chance later!

1 comment:

swampgrrl aka moe said...

hey grrl!
i love that you posted a pic of yourself drinking out of the mug. i'll post a picture of yours, as soon as it arrives. hopefully, i won't have more gray hairs by then!