Saturday, January 06, 2007


Hi, as it is "back to work blues" time for Max, who has to start on Monday, we decided to slip down to Port St Francis for a final weekend of peace and quiet, before the year's craziness kicks in. So a short post today, mostly photos. But I am working on a post to share the journey to Philippolis we did last week. The problem is, as anyone who has been around this blog for a while will have noticed, brevity is not my strong suit! So brace yourselves for an epic journey, coming sometime soon!

Here are today's photos, naturally thoughts turn to things nautical! I woke up early to see the moon reflected in the harbour, and the rising sun just catching the tops of the buildings.

I have a thing about reflections, I love the random visual 'accidents' that occur, the way colours swirl together, and yet our brains can still make sense of what we see.

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Sheila said...

I'm late commenting today. I came by earlier and was called away..!
Reflections are interesting, sometimes it is surprising, they are far more attractive than the things they reflect..if that makes sense..!