Friday, January 19, 2007

a quick revamp update

hi, hectic day so just a quick update on the renovations....

remember how the main en suite bathroom upstairs looked?.......
nice bath, wrong place!
Gross basin tucked behind door where it was really awkward to get to it.
and tatty old loo.
Here it is now, the bath has been rotated along the wall behind the doorway, and painted to go with the earthy colours.
the basin has been centred as a feature between the windows
and the loo replaced.Funky copper plumbing and garden taps go with the slate tiles.
The bath was just too long for the room, so a creative little nook solved that problem, we still have to fit a glass shelf in it.
And today's photos:


Libbys Blog said...

I do like the tiles you use. A great improvement on the old bathroom!! The copper pipes and garden taps an inspiration!!

Sheila said...

Love the slate tiles, a huge improvement.
The altered sunset is a fabulous mix of colours. Too bad the real thing couldn't look like that sometimes.

Ali Honey said...

Gosh, I had a giggle. We use those taps out on the pipelines in the orchard and on out filter system! On the other hand, we still have a handbasin like the old one, in dark green!
Love your sunset photos!

RUTH said...

Bathroom looking good....the sunset photo is fabulous!

CJ said...

Your home is going to be awesome when you get done. Love the bathroom...nobody but nobody can decorate like a South African with good taste. Really great!

Suzi-k said...

thanks guys! just hope the actual property owners will also like it!
Ali, bet your old basin doesn't have cracks in it that house enough biological warfare material to start world war 3!!? It was YUCK!