Monday, January 15, 2007

serendipity, and other musings

SERENDIPITY 1: How cool is this photo of clouds, taken from the moving car while travelling somewhere in the Freestate last year. The tinting on the front windscreen added an unplanned atmosphere, serendipity I tell you, its a great thing!
SERENDIPITY 2: The blogger question in my profile is :
Foxes are clever and tigers are cunning. So, what's your cat's safety school?
My answer was: Living in Africa where neither occur! (Well to be exact we do have bat eared foxes, but they don't count)
However, I was going through my old pix the other day, trying to get some semblance of order into Sarah's poor brain (BTW Sarah is my laptop) and look what I found! So the answer to the question is apparently"Sleep with the enemy!"
(Fox is Ethan's favourite toy, who goes to bed with him everynight and gets cuddles if he is feeling out of sorts! A gift from Uncle Ian.)
SERENDIPITY 3. On DebR's blog, there is a link to a site which gives you a fake aristocratic title. I thought it was great fun, so as you may notice, mine now resides on my sidebar, along with coat of arms! But I must repeat what i wrote in Deb's comments, because it amazes me....
"What I want to know is HOW DID THEY KNOW????Mine is Baroness Sue the Elephantine of Chalmondley St Peasoup!! OK who told them my dress size???
But it brings to mind a bit of Rhodesian rebellion in my youth (the 70s)… An English cabinet minister called Lord Bottomly was (with great lack of popularity) trying to negotiate peace during the war for independence, and I remember a friend of my mom’s saying “well if Chalmondley is pronounced Chumly, then I suppose we can address Bottomly as Bumly?”
Daily Pictures:
Last night we went for a stroll on the beach, looking for sea urchins. At the particular beach we were on (which leads to PE's well kept secret nudist beach, which in our early days here we used to frequent, but that is another story, which may never get told!), they used to be abundant. But last night after quite a while, we only came up with three. However, what we found in vast amounts was broken glass, worn by the sea to frosted softened shapes. In a minute or so in a small area, we found these. What this says to me is, while sea urchins may not be so abundant anymore, PIGS who litter and leave broken glass on the beach are proliferating! But i must say, as i picked these up, I was not feeling rage at the pigs, but the warm glow of remembering the movie Spanglish, and the scene where the kids are sent off to collect glass on the beach. I really enjoyed that movie, and who knew Tea Leonie (can't remember how to spell it!) could be so funny?
we then drove further along the coast, to Schoenmakerskop, a delightful village where you are almost guarenteed to see whales playing in the right season (June to September), in time to catch the last of the sun.


Sheila said...

I love the sky photo and your daily photo, and the others do we choose ?!
I love sea glass...the colours are great..

Suzy said...

I love the collections of little thingies, all grouped together. Your photos make me want a digital camera. I've been a film snob up until now!

Terry said...

I picked up beach glass on the Oregon coast for years, but haven't seen much for a long time now. I do love the soft, frosted look of it. What I see a lot of now are chunks of styrofoam or shards of plastic. Nothing charming about that. I'll take the glass anytime. Your photo is lovely.