Sunday, January 07, 2007

I LOVE a rainy day

Thanks to Melba and all the others who have responded so positively to the Sudan street kids initiative, let's see where it all leads!

The trip to Philippolis is done, look out for it HERE, because when I post it, blogger is going to push it back to the first day I saved as a draft, so you may miss it. I had to upload a gazillion photos, but this cellphone connection seems to be very slow, so I had to do it in small batches.

Here is today's crop of early morning pictures, as well as a few taken late yesterday.
The friendly little seal was back this morning, wallowing amongst the boats. He/she seems to lead a blissful laid-back life, being tossed the odd fish from the boats and generally taking it easy, no blood pressure problems here!!


Sheila said...

Great photo of the cormorant...he looks like he is deciding what to eat for breakfast...
Fish, or Fish...!

Suzi-k said...

Yes, what a wonderful life!