Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad

My father, who is with us for a month's visit, turned 89 today, we woke him early, so we could sit around and have coffee and cake together, and watch him open pressies before Max went to work.

He was very chuffed with his new hat, given to him by Bloublitz (my car, if you have not met her before!!) We have always had a family tradition of one main gift from the family, and lots of little goodies from the individuals, pets, cars or whoever is around to add to the list! Because we have not been together for dad's birthday in a very long time, it was fun to be able to do this again, so he got goodies from each of the 3 cats, and the two cars, as well as us! He is off to bed to recover from all the excitement, while I catch up on some work at the office (and of course do a bit of blogging at the same time!!) Tonight we are taking him to the local Indian Restaurant for shrimp curry, yum!
Joe Cool....
Speaking of gifts, Look who got new sunglasses on Sunday! He was very chuffed with them! (K is going to remove the lenses so he can just wear the frames, because those cheap scratched dark lenses are so bad for kid's eyes.)
From the sublime to the ridiculous!
Port Elizabeth again lived up to her reputation as a lady with severe mood swings, she must have bad p.m.s. right now! After weeks of heat wave conditions, dry weather, fires etc, it rained yesterday (as you saw from the photos, but my goodness did it rain?!!!! Roads are closed, some areas flooded, tree branches flew around like matchsticks, and sadly there were a couple of fatal accidents due to the gale force winds and heavy rain. Fortunately not the severe flooods we experienced in August, if the rain had continued today it would have been, but luckily it has started clearing, and the excess water has had a chance to run off this morning. Max took some spectacular photos of the pounding seas on his way home yesterday, I will post them tomorrow so watch this space!
Daily pix.....


Libbys Blog said...

Happy Birthday Suzi's dad! A great age!!! Hope you all have a super day!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to your dad! He looks quite snazzy in his new hat. I love the idea of the pets and the car giving gifts, too....that sounds like fun.

I haven't been around in awhile so I'm going back to read some of your posts I missed.

RUTH said...

The very best of Happy Birthdays to your Dad. Love the cap! Have a wonderful time despite your awful weather. Stay safe
{{hugs}} for your Dad

Laura Albertyn said...

Happy Birthday Poppy!! Give him a big hug and kiss from me! Was thinking about him yesterday!

Thanks for your Birthday wishes!! I can't believe I'm 26! Know it sounds silly as still young but I still can't believe it!! I'm meant to feel all grown up but I'm not!! Maybe I'll never be - which I don't really mind!!

Love Laus

Suzi-k said...

Thanks, I passed on all your wishes and dad was very pleased! Laus, I'm 53 and I'm STILL trying to grow up! Happy happy!