Monday, December 03, 2007

Blue Monday............

For a certain truck driver at least.

Max had to have his stitches out today... well to be more accurate, his metal clips. (He was cut from throat to stomach and top of inner thigh to ankle, held together with closely spaced metal staples, so he looked like a giant mobile zipper advert!!) Anyway, after a long and trying and tiring morning, we arrived home sans zipper, to see our street blocked off by an assortment of trucks. I dropped Max off at home, and grabbed my trusty camera (Sylvia by name!!) to go and investigate.

Anyone who has been around this blog for a while knows that I can't resist taking photos of the little church down the road, because it seems, no matter what the sky is looking like, the stone crosses look so good against it! And from our window, the pine tree across the road is a major feature of most of those photos. Well not any more... I'm afraid this morning it was standing there, minding its own business, and then, without any warning, it just got ripped apart. (wow, that could be an allegory for so many things.......) however in this case, it did not have a happy ending for the tree.

It seems a truck driver was trundling down our street, and went past the large overhanging branch, underestimating the height of the container on the back of his truck. The huge branch was torn away and wedged between the roof of the cab, and the container on the back. By the time we got home, an assortment of Municipal departments were involved in extricating the truck from the twisted branch......

Now, if you read the old post when another of the lovely big old trees in the park met its demise, you might remember that I had a sentimental rush of goodness knows what to the head, and saved a few twigs. Well, Max could hardly believe his eyes when this time, I arrived home truimphantly weilding a large branch.... Christmas tree anyone?

I thought they were going to save the half of the tree which remained upright,
but sadly they must have decided that it would become unstable, because as I was busy downloading and resizing my pictures, I heard an almighty ripping sound, and the rest of the tree was gone too. As I write this, there is still a buzzing of chainsaws going on outside.

So from now on, my pictures taken in the direction of the sunrise and sea will look a tad different!


imac said...

Hope DH is feeling ok today now.
That was a great story real repoter arnt

3 Gs post now up

Janet said...

I hate seeing big old trees taken down like that. It just seems so sad. The picture of you with the tree branch is great!! That's something I would have done, too!

Terry said...

How coincidental. I just posted a picture of the largest sitka spruce tree in the US that broke in a storm yesterday. It was out toward the Pacific coast from us. Frightening when big trees do that!

Oswegan said...

Wow, they took the whole thing down. Wild.

I'm glad to hear that Max got his stitches/clips out.

Is he going on power walks and eating alfalfa sprout sandwiches?


Old Wom Tigley said...

Great News about the stitches, sad news about the tree.
I still have steel staples in me, and the large chest cut was glued and tack stitched. It take awhile for the brest bone to knit in place and it feel sickly feeling it move a tad at first. The leg on heals really well and is hardly visable... as for the zip.. Max can call that his battle scar.. it's great for scaring the young ones.. ha!

Jenty said...

Glad Max is getting better.
What a shame about the tree!

Kerri said...

Glad Max is on the mend! Too bad about the tree! And you have named your camera...neato!

Ash said...

Waaah, I hate big old trees getting torn down - they've seen so much and watched the world changing round them. Still, makes for clear views of the church, I guess. Glad Max is doing so well.

xx L

Gillian said...

That's so sad - but at least you have the pictures. We have a railway bridge near us that's always getting hit by lorries!

Suzi-k said...

hi, terry, i saw your tree pix, amazing but so sad. It probably sounds corny, but I felt in a way, having photos of the tree as it was, and as it was in the process of coming down, it sort of immortalised it. It feels good that it hasn't gone through all those years and disappeared unnoticed.

Os, not if we can help it! but bunny food and salads, yup

Tom our 3 year old grandson already looks with horror at the scar and says "you sore grandpa??"

Kerri, yes we name all our stuff (laptop is sarah, PC is Percy, car is all started as a joke, and because it irritated our son, who was a teenager then, we of course could not resist hamming it up and going overboard. Our pool pump, leaf catcher, cellphones, pocket-knives (billy and Squirt!!!) all got in on it, hehe.

Gillian, trucks hitting the bridge, that must be spectacular!

Ali Honey said...

Thank goodness it was the tree that split asunder and Max that was unzipped( and not the other way around! )...glad he is recovering.

My household machines don't have names but I do say "Thankyou," to them when they do a good job! Well my washing machine has a little message that says "Have a nice day!" ( so they started it .)