Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hoya Hoya

Maybe this should be Santa Claus' new greeting, since the PC brigade, in their latest piece of comic idiocy, have decreed that he can't say ho ho ho any more, as it may be offensive to women. What I find offensive is that any normal woman would even link that phrase with the slang for whore, and assume it referred to her!

Anyway, I am republishing a picture I posted last year, because since then I have learned a thing or two about resizing and all that. When I first published this it was too small and Blogger has since changed the codes, the old pix can't be enlarged manually in html the way I do these days.

Cheesy, this is for you, because you asked about the plant on Max's blog. In the comments on that original post, some interesting additional info was given....
Ali Honey from New Zealand said:
Your Hoya look great. Luckily you have them outside as I have found they drip very sticky nectar. I have a white one, which will flower shortly I did last year. I remember, from my childhood, my Nana having one which was strung right the length of a verandah.
Terry from Portland Oregon Said
The Hoyas are one of my favorite plants. They will not survive outside where I am, but make wonderful, hanging houseplants. When they bloom they perfume the whole house. Yes, they do drip sticky stuff, but it cleans up fairly easily. My grandmother had one that filled a corner of her dining room and climbed along the ceiling molding halfway round the room. Mine came from a cutting from that one. They live forever.
Shirley Goodwin from New Zealand said:
Hoyas are definitely indoor plants here in NZ. I love them.
Suzi K said:
silly me, and i thought that was dew on the flowers, interesting to see how widespread they are, just amongst this little group from across the world they have made their mark!

PS Header Update: another, less snotty Blogger Employee finally responded to the storm of protest on the help group this morning ... as follows:

OK, we hear you loud and clear! We're working on a fix to change header images that should appease those of you who want larger header images. We're sorry for any frustration and inconvenience the original change might have caused. But, we've listened to your feedback and are quickly acting to address the situation. Thanks!


quintarantino said...

Nice plant...

Cheesy said...

Wow!! It's a vine... I love it!
Thanks suz~~

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i had one of those many yrs ago, i found it was one plant that i couldn't kill. But don't remember what happened to it as i don't have it anymore

kate said...

I love Hoyas ... their leaves are about all we see here, although once in awhile, they surprise us and bloom. The thought of taking a shower outdoors, with the scent of Hoyas wafting by, sounds wonderful. With snow and cold weather surrounding me, it's a nice thought to hold close.