Thursday, January 03, 2008

another treat for plane addicts

Yesterday we went to the South African Airforce Museum. Unfortunately only the small hangar was open so we saw a small portion of what is there,
Here are the three planes in there (there were also a couple of helicopters.)
Anyway, I was happy because I have always adored the Mirage, I think it is a stunning plane, and was glad to get up close and personal with this F-1CZ!

The wee E loved it too!

Another fascinating old plane there was the De Havilland Vampire, with its bubble like front end, and twin fuselages and tails joined by a crossbar.

The other plane was the Impala, a familiar sight in South African skies for 3 decades, the fighter jet was a backbone of the SAAF for decades, until replaced recently by the Pilatus Astra.

The cockpits were not built for comfort, left to right are the vampire, impala and mirage. (Note to self... remember to ask pilot friend if the big funnel like tube in the mirage is like a built in barf bag!?)

And finally, another slide show... details of some planes taken in P.E.

Ok cheers for now, gotta fly! (I wish!!!)


quintarantino said...

Always nice seeing these military planes...

... Secrets ...

imac said...

Nice shots .

dot said...

I know very little about planes but your pictures are nice and I especially like the idea of the barf bag (I think I'd need one if I ever got in a plane!).