Monday, January 28, 2008

Summer's here, let's find a Cool place to eat out....

One of the things I really enjoy is trying out new restaurants. I love eating out, experiencing the atmosphere, enjoying the view if there is one, and people-watching if there isn't. If there is music thrown in, that's a bonus. Primarily, I love not having to cook!

This has to be balanced against the fact that Mr Farty is a creature of habit, who likes the familiar and resists change. His first choice would be to stay at home, but if he does go out, he has a few favourite places where he knows what is on the menu and what he likes to order.

So we are very good at compromising.... and I must admit he is very good about indulging me and allowing me to drag him off reluctantly to some new place I have spotted. In return, I also allow myself to be dragged off to the old favourites.... or to stay at home and dredge the uninspired brain cells for new ways to make bunny food (bearing in mind that we are reformed characters since his heart attack!) hehe, no no, of course I'm exaggerating, we are both pretty flexible and easy going about this stuff!

Anyway, last week he had his heart set on a favourite salmon and avocado salad at a favourite restaurant on the beachfront (the Mediterranean, owned by a Portuguese guy who really knows how to cook fish, and believes in personal service!) As luck would have it (for me) there was a power failure (like THAT'S a surprise!!) and the Med was closed.

But nearby, beckoning us in was Coco de Mer, a new place I have been wanting to try out. (I mean who could resist this stylish black and white decor, washed with soft coloured lights?) It was open because they do everything with gas. So in we went, and had a delightful meal (he still got a Smoked salmon salad, I had grilled Cape Salmon with caramelised lemons...yum) As it turned out, the power returned 5 minutes after we ordered anyway, so we got to enjoy the coloured lighting after all.

It was so good, I took my friend Julie there for lunch the following day, and again had a great meal and superb service. I embarrassed the poor girl terribly by getting all excited about how stunning the lemon and ice looked in my glass, with the bubbles on the black straw, and insisting on taking photos!
What we also liked was the clearly separated cocktail lounge, and smoking and non-smoking dining areas. We have come across many other cocktail bar/restaurants in town which we would have loved, except that the smokers hanging around the bar alway polluted the whole place, and we hate going home stinking of stale cigarettes!

We were a bit early for the live music, but found out that they have a Blues Rock evening every Thursday which starts playing at about 9pm..... so we will definitely be back this week, if us old fogies can stay awake long enough to hear the first note!


Ali Honey said...

That looks lovely - Lucky you. In NZ there is no smoking in any bars, restaurants or public spaces. Outside is the only place.
Like you we are adventerous but unfortunately can't afford to eat out much at all at the moment.
I love the black and white decor!

dot said...

It's the same way here. I like to try different places but my husband likes to go to the same one or two.
Enjoyed your pictures!

imac said...

Sounds like my style, food,crink, and music, and maybe a bit of bopping.(dancing)

Janet said...

The photo of the lemon and ice is gorgeous! And now I'm hungry after reading about your salmon meals. I understand about cigarette smoke. Here where I live all restaurants/bars are non-smoking areas. There are many outdoor places that are also non-smoking. It's nice not to have to worry about it.

Kerri said...

I was just over at your other blog and saw your post on this restaurant. What a neat looking place!

And Blues Rock on Thursday evening.....ahhhhhh...I would LOVE to be there....but I have the same problem....I'm up at 4:15 am every staying up PAST 9:00 is a bit of a chore. Sometimes I can't even make it to 9:00 pm :)

Your shot of the glass with the lemon, ice, straw, and bubbles is absolutely one of the most unique shots I have seen. Wow!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!

quintarantino said...

May I have a glass too?

Old Wom Tigley said...

ha! you could be taking about me here.. I hate eating out full stop. I have to be pushed and bullied into it. Once there I then enjoy it...
The top picture made me long for long summer nights sat out side sipping ice cold Gin & Tonics

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I too, despise cooking. Unless I have unlimited time, resources and no anklebiters in the kitchen!
Restaurants, are my fave. Especially good ones. Anytime I don't have to cook is a bonus.
I love Coco de Mer's decor. Those black and white chairs are scrumptious!!!