Sunday, January 13, 2008

Raindrops are fallin' on my head....

........ and I LOVE it!!!!

I know, I know, i must be some kind of freak, but i have always preferred foul weather!

To be honest, this doesn't really qualify as foul, it is actually delightful, gentle scattering of big fat warm raindrops, 22 degrees C, and that fabulous deep grey light which tends to intensify colours which would normally look bleached and washed out in the bright sunshine.

So here are a few views of our favourite spot, St Francis..... as seen this weekend.

Even on the way here on Friday evening, there was the promise of rain, the most stunning clouds we have EVER seen.... as a distant rain squall was lit by the low sun coming through the clouds in patches. (Unfortunately we were on a section of road where there was no stopping, so I just had to shoot it through the bug splatted windscreen)

then all of a sudden we were in the thick of it for a short way.

and then the sun reappeard through the clouds.

There was a power failure that evening just after we arrived and settled in, so we lit a couple of candles and read a bit, and had a really early night.

But for me an early night usually means insomnia... so at 2am, the lights were back on, and I was photographing the yacht basin!

Of course the cool thing about waking up early on a cloudy morning is that the rising sun brings with it some lovely views.

Later in the day we went off to Cape St Francis, to watch the sea at the "wild side". When the rain was a bit heavy, we sat in the car and enjoyed watching the waves on the rocks, and a young couple climbing around.

Then as it eased, we went off to the lighthouse, which looked suitably ethereal in the wet air.

The famous unique vegetation type known in the Cape as fynbos was really at its best.... fascinating tiny leafed plants covered in dainty flowers, with a wonderful herb like aroma as you brush past it.

this little beach house overlooking Seal Point surf spot reminded me of an Andrew Wyeth painting.

and finally to a little track leading off to the west along the coast.... looking towards Oyster Bay, and Thyspunt, where the controversial pebble bed nuclear reactor is very likely to be built despite heavy public opposition.

today has been a wonderfully lazy one, sleeping, eating, watching old movies, and going for the occasional stroll between bouts of rain.... BLISS!


Terry said...

Your photos are always so wonderful. This lot was especially so. Your blog has made me want to visit S. Africa.

dot said...

Your pictures are wonderful! One of the cloud pictures looks almost like there is an eye in the middle.
I love the raindrops.

Jenty said...

Beautiful! I love the fynbos photo.

Sheila said...

Fantastic skyscapes Sue..Will you paint them..?
I enjoy days like this, wet and windy but not cold. I think the earth likes it too.

Suzi-k said...

Terry, well if you do I hope PE will be on your itinerary, we will gladly show you around!
Jenty and Dot, hi, it always fascinates me how each one has a different favourite photo that speaks specifically to them... glad you enjoyed them!
Sheila.... I hadn't thought of painting them, but you never know!