Thursday, April 03, 2008

and we wait...and wait...........

is there now hope of rebuilding the ruins left by Mugabe?

Goodness, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission are certainly making a meal of releasing results, wonder if they are getting paid by the hour? Certainly any credibility they may have had is evaporating more with each hour that passes!

However, it does look promising, and it seems the political tide has turned there. It will take many years to undo the damage that has been done, but at least there is now some sort of hope for the future there. We still have to hold our breath though, (as if we are not blue already!!!) because it all hinges on Mugabe bowing out gracefully. It appears the fly in the ointment is the Chief of the Army, who refuses to let him do so, as he has claimed the armed forces will never be loyal to any other leader....... without the co-operation of the police and army the handover could be very ugly. And these guys have enjoyed absolute power for years, they have "tasted blood' so to speak, they have enjoyed getting high on brutality and controlling people with fear. It seems unlikely that they are suddenly going to put aside self interest and care about human rights and integrity overnight.

So for the MDC, winning the election is only the first step on what promises to be a very rocky road, but I really wish them all the best.............. may they be wise, honest, and strong leaders. And I really hope that the leaders of the first world, who have, to their shame, remained so passive in the affairs of this desperate country, (obviously not enough oil or gold there to make it worth their while!!!) will now come to the party, and help rebuild the shattered lives of so many Zimbabweans.
On a lighter note, it is school holidays now, and living in a house with a pocket handkerchief sized courtyard with a very active 3 year old gets somewhat stressful, so our daughter was feeling the strain. So yesterday I took K and the wee E on an outing to the Boardwalk, and he let off some steam in the funfair. Great fun!

if he could have thrown money into the wishing well all morning he would have!


Janet said...

Your political scene seems to have as many problems as ours! I hope we both get a better leader than we have now.

On a happier note it looks like you had some fun at the Boardwalk. Kids always seem to enjoy a day out with some new things to explore....and so do the adults!

Anonymous said...

Suzy, hope should always be the last thing to die ... so, yes there can only be hope to that great country!