Wednesday, April 16, 2008


You probably know by now that Max and I also have 2 City Daily Photo Blogs (Port Elizabeth and St Francis). When we first joined, we thought the hardest committment would be that you have to do a post every single day. But as it turns out, that is not too bad. The hard part is that you are only supposed to post ONE photo a day. Now, for an over the top, larger than life person like me, this is excruciatingly difficult. I mean, I can't even tell you what my favourite colour is, because I am crazy about colour per se, I can get high on colour, I revel in rainbow colours and blends of colours, how could I possibly single out just one? Well the same applies to photographs.

I have always had the philosophy "why just take 1 photo when you can take 50!" And I also feel that in so many areas of life there is the diamond, and then there are the individual facets that make up the whole, and sometimes focussing on some of those tells a more interesting story. When I had my Photographic Exhibition several Years ago, I called it "Series" and it consisted of framed groups of photos, many of which were quite abstract, and made no sense alone, but when seen in a group with others, it made a Big Picture that showed the many aspects of the subject.

Well sometimes the Daily Photo subject has lots of photos that capture somthing different, but we can't stick with them one after the other, day after day, because we don't want the blog to get stale, especially if the subject is a current event. Occasionally (because I also, sadly, believe that many rules are made to be broken.... I wish I was joking but it is true, I really do!) we do stretch the rule and put a few on a post when it is necessary to explain what we are saying. But sometimes it is not justified really, so when that happens, I'll post the overflow here, with a link back to the City Daily Photo blog in question.
Today on PEDP we posted about the Shark Rock Pier, looking all festive for the Ironman Event.
Here are a few of the overflow pix......
The top two were taken on Saturday evening around sunset, and the bottom two at sunrise on Sunday, as the main event was starting.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Wow, beautiful. The bottom one is awesome with the reflection in the sand.
The Rocky Mountain Retreat

Gillian said...

I agree - the bottom piccie is my favourite. The reflections in the wet sand could be a painting!

Anonymous said...

The reflections on the wet sand make the last photo unique.
Also liked the nocturnal.