Monday, April 28, 2008

Headin' for the Hills...........

.... and as happy as pigs in you-know-what.... we are doing a "going nowhere slowly" kind of holiday, sleeping where the road takes us. We thought we would zip through the Eastern Cape to Lesotho, but is has been so incredibly beautiful that we can't resist stopping every 5 metres to take pix, and it took us 2 whole days to get off page 8 of our map book! We spent last night in Elliot, and are about to cross the magnificent Barkley Pass. When we arrived here at nightfall we saw snow on all the high peaks YAY YIPPEE YAY. So we both grabbed this last opportunity with electricity and cellphone towers to do a quick post. Now we are really heading off the beaten track and will probably be incommunicado for the next week.......



Old Wom Tigley said...

Sound just great to me... I'll keep popping back here to see if you up date.. and do a bot of light dusting until you get back.. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Oh my God ... take me with you, pleeeaaassseeeeeeeeee!!!!

Jenty said...

Oh wow, that photo is stunning!
Enjoy the rest of the trip

imac said...

Have fun and enjoy.

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Sheila said...

What scenery..WOW.
Suze...if I knew you liked snow that much I would have shipped you some...LOL
Have a great trip, see you soon..

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

What a wonderful scenery!
Have a great trip and enjoy!

Julie Steenkamp said...

Your trip sounds great, I can wait to see the rest of the photos.
Hope theres going to come some art out of these pics?
Started blogging today, again, so dont forget to visit me.
See you tommorrow x