Friday, April 25, 2008

Skywatch Friday.... Sudan

Pilots always get to see the sky from a very different perspective to us mere mortals. I thought you might be interested in seeing some pix from Sudan. These were taken by a couple of pilot friends, who must remain nameless, as the Sudanese powers that be do not permit photography. (But you know who you are, thanks for the fresh view of the planet)

Sudan is a land of such extremes... It is dry and dusty in the North, but vast areas of the South are swampy. It hardly rains in places, but when it does, there are monster storms, accompanied by lots of lightning.

And of course, there are the infamous dust storms, or haboob. You do NOT want to be caught outside in on of these!

Rain over the Nile in South Sudan.

Lightning over Khartoum

And this is the tail end of this skywatch post... sunrise over Khartoum

I will be away for a while, but there should be some very cool photos of mountains when we know what they say about mad dogs and Englishmen? Well I don't know what animals they will equate with insane South Africans going to camp in a tent in the mountains in winter!
Cheers for now!


Gillian said...

Can't wait for those pictures you!

Mrs. Darcy said...

Amazing shots!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic SWF.
Have a safe trip.

Angie said...

These are absolutely superb.Tell your friends thank you very much from me!

chanpheng said...

Incredible pictures. I'm glad that your friends let you post them - and also that they are doing such incredible work in a difficult situation.

Janet said...

Stunning photos!! That dust storm looks vicious! Reminded me of the movie "Hidalgo"

I hope you have a great time camping in the mountains, and I can't wait to see photos. Sorry I've been "MIA" for awhile but hopefully I'm back on track again.

Jenty said...

Oh wow what stunning photos!
Enjoy your trip

Daniel J Santos said...

Amazing sky watch, fantastic.

Ali Honey said...

Such wonderful photos of NATURE in all her moods. The dust cloud truly amazes me.

Travel safely, Ali.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Beautiful skies. I discovered you through Dot's Picture This Blog. I'm glad I did!

Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Beyond words! Awesome, awesome photos! I really enjoyed this post! The dust storms picture is absolutely amazing! Well done!

Have a great time!

Dina said...

Extremely dramatic pictures!
Have a great time on the road, and go slowly enough for lots of pix.
Love your donkey cart on Picture This.