Wednesday, July 18, 2007

distance lends enchantment

In previous posts I have commented on how I love the way the view of the scabby part of town that we see across the park is transformed into a twinkling fairyland at night.

Well this weekend we drove through that part of town, and there on the hill we spotted the lovely old school building which you always see in my "out my frontdoor" photos.

So here is the view from the bottom, and as you can see, it is far less picturesque than it is from the top!
I guess there's a lesson in here somewhere, we can see aspects of our lives as ugly, and focus on that, or we can choose to find a different viewpoint and see the beauty, even in the mundane!


RUTH said...

So true! I look much better from a

Suzi-k said...

hee hee, don't we all!