Saturday, July 07, 2007

it just keeps getting better!

The research into the history of the buildings in this area is taking on a life of its own!

K and I are thinking that there is so much fascinating stuff around, which has not been written about yet, so what started out as a little bit of personal interest has grown, and we are now thinking of putting it all into a book!
Just yesterday, we were talking about the need to find photographers who might have old material for us to include.
So today, off I went to a local art gallery to deliver paintings for an upcoming exhibition. And who should walk in , but the best known photographer in P.E. (I've never met him so didn't know it was him.)He said he was thinking of booking the gallery for an exhibition of photos of historic P.E.!!!!
So my ears immediately pricked up, and I mentioned how I love painting the old buildings, and that my friend Velia also paints them. The gallery director chimed in, and before we knew it, we had agreed to have a joint exhition of his photos and my oils and her watercolours, on the subject of historic PE, early next year. YAY! He also gave me his card and invited us to come and look through his THOUSANDS of photos next week.

So now we are thinking that maybe we must let the opening of the exhibition co-incide with the launch of the book.....seems like some fun times lie ahead.
As if all that wasn't exciting enough, i popped into the local cafe for some Coke this afternoon, it is the store in the painting that i showed in my last post. It is the first time I have been in there, and i got chatting to the Chinese owner. When i mentioned that i had recently painted her store, because i just love all these old buildings, she dived under the till, and pulled out a handful of old photos. This one shows the whole family of the owners (the man on the right was her father-in-law who owned the shop then, and the girl next to him was still at school then and is now 61, so i guess this would have been taken in 1960. So here it is, a day after thinking we need some original photos, they are falling like manna from heaven!
And now, sorry, but i need to do that terrible "granny boring the world with pix of the grandchild" thing!

The other day the wee E was leaping around as usual, and dinged his forehead on the couch. It looked like a nasty bruise was coming up, so we went to my room to get Reparil gel. While i was hunting for it, i found a crepe bandage, so to cheer him up, I made a big thing of fixing him up and putting it on him. He was so delighted he had to admire himself in the mirror.
First we tried the hand mirror, but that was not good enough, he needed a full length view!
You should see him posing every time he goes to the bathroom, and they say women are vain!


Blue the Spa Girl said...

Kids adore themselves in the mirror. I love that, they haven't yet learned to criticize themselves.

RUTH said...

I must say E looks adorable!
I bet you'll have a wonderful time looking through all those old photos; who knows what gems you may find. And a joint exhibition!...things are really moving much excitment. Take care