Friday, July 06, 2007

a new toy and some cool links

I have found that I have struggled to take photos of my paintings at times. The glare of the shiny paint casts a wishy-washy glare over parts of it, which make the colours look washed out, and put highlights where there aren't any.

Anyway, I read some advise on Duane's brilliant blog (he who started the daily painting movement, and has other fascinating blogs too, including one on his thought about art which i really enjoyed browsing through.) As a result I ordered a polarising filter. Look at the difference it makes...yay.


If you are at all into art, follow the new link on my sidebar to ArtBlogs4U. I have spent many delirious hours getting high on the wonderful art blogs I have surfed over there. My favourites folder is bulging at the seams!


RUTH said...

So many amazing art blogs even a non-arty person would find something they like. Glad the polarising filter worked for you.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Art blogs...I have to get over there. Sounds delicious!