Friday, July 20, 2007

turn left at the next junction, we're off down memory lane

Sometime towards the end of last year, I unearthed some amusing picures of some of our pets , so we did a stroll along memory lane. Pop back there if you didn't meet them, they were a fun bunch. Today I thought I would follow up with some more.......

You met smudgie, our first pet after we got married, but didn’t see her face, here she is again.
About a week after we got Smudge, she was joined by our SPCA special, a black Labrador cross called Cindy. She adored Max, and went wherever he went.
If Max went for a swim, so did she.
If Max looked out of the window, she had to see too.
If Max had a bath, she had a bath
If Max climbed a tree, she did too!
Here is Clawed going for another ride on Annie,Ian's Leopard Tortoise. The (partial) dog is Abigail, who became the sort of Matriarch of our dogs
You met Gypsy, as a puppy, persecuting Felix, well now it’s his turn to be persecuted by Captain, Abigail’s son
Froy had a penchant for sleeping in odd places,
Gus also liked my kitty table!
The first pet I ever had was a ginger cat called Tigs, I got him when I was 2. He was such a character and followed me around like a dog. Once, when I almost walked into a Cobra who was about to strike, Tigs went for it and drew it away. He lived till I was 18. As he got older, he used to feel the cold, and slept with his friend Moofie, who was my sister's Doberman.
Another cat we got when I was a teenager was Ringo (named after my favourite Beatle). He was a very refined cat, as you can see, a cat’s water bowl was beneath his dignity!
Samantha apparently intimidated a few of our kittens, although she was really quite sweet with them. Here is Zack trying to look ferocious! As he grew up he developed a THING about spiders, screaming at them while he chased them! He once even leaped onto our wall clock to try and reach one, a practice which was NOT encouraged!
Ian had a pet chicken who he adored, she even sat on his lap to watch TV.
Jenny and Tangy were amazed one day when a hot air balloon sailed past.
Daisy, our Jersey cow was so affectionate, she loved to be scratched, and loved to lick us with her rough tongue. She was so easy to milk, she just stood and ate, and I had to be sure to finish before she got through all her food, because then she would turn round and lick my hair! Felix the cat always came along when I milked Daisy twice a day, I used to put the first squirt onto his back, then carry on into the bucket, while Felix licked himself. When he was done he would ask for more, he had the best coat ever!

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RUTH said...

What a selection! When the kids were small we had a cat called Smudge....then when manda was a teenager she had a boyfriend whose nickname was Smudge. Tigs was brave going for the Cobra!