Sunday, October 21, 2007

7 strange things

This one has been doing the rounds for ages, I keep meaning to get to it. Shirley tagged whoever wanted to do it, so here goes. I have a no tag policy on this blog, so if you want to do it, cool, if not, cool. Just let me know if you do because I’d love to see yours.

7 little known facts about me….
1. I am not particularly freaked out by snakes, but I am horrified by frogs! (teeny tree frogs, and the little stripy Clicking river frogs with pointy noses that we have in our garden are exceptions) but the rest give me the willies! I know they are harmless, but they still creep me out. Ian once collected some of the big flat slimy ones that we call ‘platannas” here and put them in my freezer to use as fishing bait. I didn’t know they were there, and pulled them out of the packet thinking they were chops. Let’s just say he was a little unpopular!

2. I used to work at a brewery doing chemical and microbiological analysis in the quality control department. (I got 2 free crates of beer a month, Max’s friends used to say I definitely couldn’t marry him for his money, so he must have married me for my beer!)

3. When I was a baby, in Capetown, I had a nanny called Rosy. She used to call me ‘little miss buttons’ because I was fascinated by buttons. I still like anything dotty… go figure!

4. I could swim before I could walk, (both before I was 1.) My mom taught me because they spent a lot of time around water and she wanted me to be safe.

5. I used to specialise in decorative paint techniques and painting murals. When my mom was in hospice, her room looked onto a blank wall, so a friend and I painted a mural on it so she, and those who used that room after her, would have something interesting to look at.

6. My family tree on my dad’s side goes back to Lady Jane Grey and King Henry 7th. (They would be mortified to have such an anti-royalist, anti-authoritarian slob in their line, but hey, you can’t choose your family!!)

7. When I was 21, I went to the Chobe Game Reserve in Botswana, and Liz Taylor and Richard Burton were there for their honeymoon after their 2nd marriage. When I went down to breakfast I walked right by her, but I didn’t stop or even show that I recognised her, I think celebrities must crave anonymity sometimes so I respected her space. She just looked sad and middle aged to me at the time.

There you have it.

And by the way ............
WELL DONE BOKKE ............. you did us proud!


Ida said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
You are most welcome to Norway and Scandinavia. Be my guest. :)
You could stay at my place. :)
I come from the Sognefjord.
A beautiful fjord.
I now live by the West coast. On an little island. My husbands home place.

My husband is a sailor.
Traveling around the world.
He says that Cape Town is the most beautiful place he has ever visited! :)

Your Sky Watch photo is lovely.
Great colours! :)
I will be back.
So long.

Ali Honey said...


Suzi-k said...

Ida, thanks for the kind offer! That's really good of you. The same goes for you if you are ever down in this part of the world, yes, Capetown is worth a visit!

Suzi-k said...

ali, thanks :) to be honest, no-one could be more surprised, I was fully expecting an All Black/Australia final! And you were right, some of the reffing was a bit lopsided!