Monday, October 15, 2007

bonus monday post, Kodak Moment

As our family is scattered all over the globe, it is really unusual for bunches of us to be in the same town at the same time. So yesterday was very special.
We had a visit from Grandpa John and Yvonne, who live in the beautiful coastal village of Knysna. They got to meet the youngest member of the family, little Amelia, who is already a month old, and will be leaving with her mom and dad for Uganda before the end of the month :(
What made it more special is that it was Yvonnes birthday (a landmark one too, but I hesitate to broadcast it online!!) and in 2 weeks time it is grandpa's 80th, so we all got together for a wonderful seafood lunch to celebrate. It was great having 4 generations together at 1 table!


Sheila said...

Happy family get togethers are the best. Congratulations and best wishes to the birthday girl, and to Grandpa too..!

RUTH said...

How wonderful! It sounds a perfect family day. We once had 5 generation still with us in our family when I was a child. Happy Birthday to Yvonne and Grandpa :o)