Tuesday, October 09, 2007

street art

It really takes lateral thinking to see a log lying at the side of the road, and see its potential as a bathing beauty!

I love happening upon this kind of random creativity....I know there is the whole "defacing property" debate that rages around graffitti etc, but some of it is so brilliant, you could almost forgive the anti-social aspects (unless you are the property owner, I guess!!) This log is in Walmer, Port Elizabeth.

At a time when complaints about poor service delivery are common in South Africa, it is a real pleasure to be able to hand out bouquets to our local Municipality. Recently I wrote telling them of the mess and anti-social behaviour in Richmond Park, (broken glass and used condoms lying around, vagrants sleeping on benches etc) and within a week they had already fitted floodlights to the streetlamps, facing in on the Park. They have also filled up holes left by dead trees, and I am told they will shortly be planting some new trees, so that, by the time the few remaining old trees around the playground equipment have died, the new ones will be established and already providing shade.
So clearly the Municipality is serious about this area, and keen to get involved in any cleanup. Great service, THANKS TO ALL CONCERNED! (As a bonus, the floodlights look stunning at night, I love the contrast between the warm toned city lights in the background, and the blue toned halogen floodlights giving an emerald glow to the grass.)


RUTH said...

I'm glad to see she has a bikini on! Perhaps our local council could take a lesson from your local Municipality....it disgusts me the mess I see in our area. The streets are paved with litter rather than gold and the behaviour of some of the local teenagers makes one afraid to go out at night. The park does look beautiful floodlit :o)

Sheila said...

The tree trunk looks better in a bikini than I do...LOL
The park lights make it possible to enjoy it all the more. The grass looks amazing.
I'm probably one of the few that admires the skill and colour that goes into some graffiti. I'm not talking about the obscene stuff, but there are places in the city here where it is encouraged in certain areas, and some of it is fantastic.

Cheesy said...

Oh now that is too cute!