Tuesday, October 30, 2007

inspiring architecture #2

Hi, well my feet have more-or-less settled back on terra firma, for a short while at least.

And I have so much to show you, I don't know where to start. Somehow I wasn't in the mood to do it logically and start at the beginning, so instead, I'll share a couple of shots of the forest cottage we stayed in this weekend. We took Grandpa and Yvonne, as well as Max's sister there to celebrate his 80th.
Here is the man of the moment... Happy Birthday Grandpa John, we love you lots!
Unfortunately only one night could be squeezed out of our combined insane schedules, but it was such fun. And we fell in love with the place. Max and I will definitely go back sometime, when we can spend a while and really make the most of the peaceful forest atmosphere!
The place is called Eden's Touch Guest Farm, and cottages we stayed in were two semi-detached units, which were remodelled from an original 110 year old farm cottage. One of the old walls was left unrenovated, to show the clay and straw bricks that had been used, and the flaking mud/plaster interior of the wall.
The old fireplace remains....
but look how cleverly it has been used inside, as a hand-made walk-in bath for 2, complete with candles for that romantic atmosphere!

I loved the way it was done with a combination of rustic finishes and textures, combined with luxury touches like the great shower roses and high pressure geysers, which ensured that a shower was not just a way of getting clean, but an EXPERIENCE!
Picture this, standing in the large glass enclosed cubicle, being pounded in a hot water massage, and gazing through the picture window overlooking a private courtyard, complete with sawn logs and old farm equipment positioned so as to form sculptural elements... I just love that, taking the everyday and making it into a statement.

Everywhere you look, there are elements of the building that have been created to play with light and shadows, so that plain walls become canvasses for nature to play on....

and I loved the mosaic details everywhere, which added to the feeling that the place had been lovingly hand-crafted by someone who cared.
and I just have to go back when it is less of a rush, and wallow in this splash pool, with just a short stretch of lawn between me and the forest! The string chair was so comfortable I didn't want to get out of it ....... (not that it was that easy to be honest!)
I even got inspired to do a little painting of the forest, as I sat on the steps of the patio, after breakfast.... it was great daubing away, with everyone relaxing and doing their own thing, some strolling in the forest, others sitting around chatting.....
And judging by how wonderful the forest is, I think there are lots of peaceful weekends and tree paintings to follow...... (hopefully!)


imac said...

Suzi, What a great place and that bath, wow, so pleased you all had a great time.Love the photos to.look forward to seeing more.

Sheila said...

What a neat place. No wonder you want to go back, it has so much character..!
The painting is a lovely souvenir of a great weekend.

CJ said...

What a great place. There's nothing that comes close to the ingenuity (and artistic vision) in South Africa these days. Thanks for sharing it with your lovely pics! Love the painting -