Thursday, November 09, 2006

fun ideas and an update

Well the wheel turns, I met with a couple of high level Policemen yesterday, and they did come to investigate the complaint....but they also updated me on the case. It turns out the suspect was also wanted for crimes in East London and there was a warrent out for his arrest already, so he is still in custody. His bail hearing was set for yesterday, but the prosecutor didn't turn up. (Don't get me started on the courts and their ineptitudes).... I love this country and am actually very positive about all the changes since Apartheid was dismantled, so I don't want to sound like one of those diehards who will never be satisfied now that there is a new Government . They have brought about some really good changes. I think it is the same with any situation where there has been extreme imbalance on one side, when the pendulum swings it goes too far to the other side before stabilising in the middle. In this case the rection to the extreme oppression of Apartheid, and its abuses of the Justice system to oppress the majority of our citizens, resulted in too much leniency when the new Government took over. Unfortunately a lot of criminals have jumped on the bandwagon, and crime has soared. But I have no doubt that, with time, things will stabilize. Right enough of that serious stuff for this week!

A while ago while reading one of my favourite sites, Red Shoe Ramblings, (sorry, I have no idea how to give you a link to it) I was inspired to share some pictures of fun ideas I've had over the years. I don't know how to get my site to behave and put the captions in the right place, so may have to do explanations later, but here goes.
The headboard and children's chairs are based on an idea to make a chair like a jester's hat, I've made several variations to this over the years.
The bathroom is an old historic cottage, and there was nowhere to put the pipes without serious structural work, so I made a feature out of them, using them to frame the mirror and gave the shower outlet a funky twist.


Deb R said...

I adore the whimsy of both the jester furniture and the funky copper pipe used as a feature. How clever and fun!!

PS...thanks for the shout-out! About links - I do my links manually but if you don't want to deal with writing HTML code, when you're on your blog "create post" page, look for the little icon thingy that looks kind of like a section of chain and click on that when you want to link somewhere and then just follow the steps on the little pop-up box.

Suzi-k said...

thanks deb, will give it a go

kirsty said...

Love the chairs and headboard! Exactly the sort of thing I would choose for my house :)