Thursday, November 16, 2006


....Which is not a good thing when you are also trying to run a busy company at this time of year end madness! The problem is I have ADSL at work but at home I have to go online on my cellphone, which gets a bit much!

I keep finding myself creeping back to pay a quick visit to favourites, or follow links to new ones, and the frustrating thing is that I would love to get interractive with all of them and add comments, but it snowballs, and before I know it hours have fled by. Then customers or suppliers call and I have to bounce back to present reality, and rush around doing stuff I should have been attending to while visiting my ether -buddies.

What is worse is being half way through a comment, and losing it because you get interrupted, or the network plays up, and then not having time to get back to it, but thinking it is sent.

And clients just don't seem to understand about priorities. For some reason they seem to think their jobs are much more important than remaining in touch with the ether-world!

What I love is how many really nice, talented, interesting kindred spirits there are in very diverse places, and how in a short time you really do care about them and their daily ups and downs and happenings. In fact, if you go to Two lime leaves you will meet a delightful New Zealander called Kirsty who summed this whole thing up really well in her post on Wednesday.

I have already mentioned Red Shoe Ramblings in a previous post, there is a whole community who interract daily and are a cool, diverse and talented bunch. (And thanks Deb, this hyperlink thinggy is cool!)

As a natural progression, one can also visit the red shoes, where a British artist living in France does a painting a day (stunning too) and posts them here, or her more personal site Muddy Red shoes, where you meet her interesting friends and family, and see the inspiration behind the paintings.

Then, as a total change from all the arty creative types, you could meet someone who is creative with words. She lives in a scary wartorn country where bad things happen to those who speak the truth, so has to remain anonymous and does not even name the country in her blog, but her entertaining and perceptive social comments on life as an ex-patriot in such a place make great reading, in fact this week she was on the Guardian's top rated list for originality. You will find her on Is it just me.

These are a handful of the wonderful sites I have visited recently as I feed the growing addiction.... oh no, here's another pesky client! (Please don't take this seriously, I LOVE my clients and do believe in good professional service, its just that....)

I just HAD to share last night's walk with you, the sea was way more pink than these pictures show, and there was a sunset regatta so very picturesque! And, by pure coincidence, I finished a regatta painting last week, so am including the latest paintings too.

Or not...after 3 attempts, the pictures say they are done, but do not appear on the blog, so i will try once more, and then i'm afraid we will have to say "watch this space"...grrrrrrr


Deb R said...

It is addictive, and I should probably spend less time online, but I sure love the connections I find here. Your photos and paintings in the post above are gorgeous!! I'm kind of lusting after that bottom one with the arches and the blue chair! :-)

kirsty said...

Suzi, you are too kind! Thanks so much for the comment you left on my "I don't know whether to quilt any more" post. You hit the nail right on the head - I hadn't been able to figure out why it was bothering me so much - it's the change in identity that's scary! Now I have even more to think about!