Friday, November 24, 2006

PS, Beta Blogger is cool!

Hey Deb, if you visit today, i hope you are deeply impressed, i finally got the sidebar sorted! I can't take too much credit to be honest, this new beta blogger even makes it possible for me to do stuff, and we all know what a miracle THAT is! So I have to take back all the wingeing of the other day about the new setup, and thank the blogger team for making it easy for even the most computer illiterate dinosaurs to indulge our blogging addictions!


Deb R said...

The new template and sidebar look fab, Sue! Great job!!

I really like the photo at the top and the saying about seeing life with blurred vision.

PS...I'm very hit and miss about when I update my sidebar, but I added a link to you today.

Suzi-k said...


Janet said...

I was very reluctant to switch over to beta but once I did it I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of some things. I've had no problems and just love it.

I'll add your blog to my sidebar in the next few days.