Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the wheels of justice grinding slowly on.....

............but it remains to be seen if they are grinding forwards or backwards!
As you know, the intrepid Flash and Super foiled a burglary three weeks ago. A charge was laid with the police, and the intruder carted off in the back of their van.

Well....... so far all attempts to contact ANYONE who might know ANYTHING about the case have been met with spectacular failure. So I am unable to give you even the glimmer of an update on the progress of the case.

What I can tell you is that I am once again in awe of the brilliant design that went into our bodies (leaving aside certain aesthetic imperfections which I still need to complain to the manufacturer about in due course!) I have included pictures taken on the day of the incident, 1 week later and a week after that, and I marvel at our ability to heal.

Back to the wheels of justice, last week I wrote to the Station Commander of the relevant Police Station, to complain about "poor service delivery" (huge catch phrase in Government circles around here) and a request for some information regarding the case. I then met a member of the "Department of Safety and Liaison" whose thankless task it is to ensure that the Police and Judiciary do their jobs, and to address the soaring crime rate in the area. He asked for a copy of the complaint and promised action.

I am not sure who followed up, but I have just received a phone call from a Captain at a different Police Station who wishes to meet with me to "investigate my complaint."

Naturally I would be far more impressed if it had been someone wishing to investigate the actual crime, but who knows.......... watch this space!


kirsty said...

Hi Suzi-k! Nice to meet you and your blog. HOLY COW you live an exciting life :D

b/sistersshoes said...

Suzi-k ~*~
Thanks for the visit and I was expecting some creative genius by the name of your site....but love...ouch!

Glad you're healing :)

We'll see the genius another day...yes?

xox darlene

Deb R said...

YIKES!! Those before pics look horribly painful. So glad you're healing up!

Suzi-k said...


Kirsty, it's not always like this! Usually it's a bit more peaceful, juggling work (interior design), art (when i get a chance) and being a wife, mom and granny.

Darlene, if you scroll down there is some creativity, if not exactly genius, but of course sometimes the real world intervenes. The blog name was intended more as a reference to my personality than any commitment to produce daily creations, usually time does not permit. It is also a way of keeping my kids, who live out of the country, in the loop of our lives.

Hi Deb, much better thanks, and you? Hope you are feeling a bit better, or at least over the way it takes you by surprise, and ready to ride it out.

Deb R said...

" least over the way it takes you by surprise, and ready to ride it out."

That's it, Sue, exactly. Thanks.