Sunday, November 12, 2006

I love this place, and this time of year

This weekend we have had beautiful clear warm weather, howling gale force winds, rain, and more sunshine. The Jacarandas are still in full bloom, and the strong winds gave the kite surfers a run for their money. In our tiny pocket hankie of a garden (yay, no lawn to cut!) the lavenders and jasmine and dog roses are filling the air with such heady scents, we can almost get high sitting on the front veranda sipping coffee while watching the sun rise and set (and because this now happens at about 4.45am and 7.30pm respectively, there is a fair chance we are at home to enjoy both. In winter we seem to leave home and get back in the dark.) Almost makes one feel ready to face another hectic week at work......almost.


Deb R said...

Oh wow, those photos are amazing!! It makes me want to be there.

kirsty said...

Glad you enjoyed the Selfish Giant again. I have seen adults in tears listening to my mother read this story aloud.
BTW if you need more help with links, templates etc, try visiting Chuck at
or send me a message. I'm barely computer literate (See John run. See Spot run.) but I'm starting to figure stuff out!

Suzi-k said...

thanks kirsty, will save this address for an emergency!