Wednesday, November 29, 2006

this 'n that

Hi, halfway through another manic week, and unlike some of my more organised friends, I have been so wrapped up in sorting out client's homes in time for Christmas that my own is a disaster area.

However, never being one to let an excuse for sloppy housekeeping slip by, I have realised that this is the first year that one of our kids is living in the same country, and better still, just round the corner. So with great cunning, I have arranged that we will have Christmas at their house.

This, of course, means that I can close the door on my dissarray until I have had a good break, and feel like tackling the snowdrifts of papers on every surface in my own time!

Against all the odds, I have been determined not to let the painting slip too much, because I find it so hard to get going again if I lose momentum. So here are the latest offerings. The small ones are each 300x300mm, and go as a set, they are called "a pair of jugs".! Yes, intended....never underestimate the selling power of misleading advertising and gratuitous sexual inuendo!! ;)

The other is less imaginatively called "the lake", yeah yeah, I'm tired, ok? And it is HUGE, 1600 x 800mm.


look who's flowering again, right outside our bedroom door. The lovely Hoya. I find it a fascinating plant. Perhaps Ali Honey or someone who knows lots about plants from Australasia can tell us more about them, I just love the velvety flowers.


kirsty said...

Luvverly jugs, Sue! Great idea for Disarray Avoidance, too. I'm doing the same thing -heading to Mum and Dad's for Christmas.

Ali Honey said...

That's actually a very clever title when you consider what they may contain, so not too misleading really.
Your Hoya look great. Luckily you have them outside as I have found they drip very sticky nectar. I have a white one, which will flower shortly I did last year. I remember, from my childhood, my Nana having one which was strung right the length of a verandah.

Terry said...

Nice pair of jugs--har har.

The Hoyas are one of my favorite plants. They will not survive outside where I am, but make wonderful, hanging houseplants. When they bloom they perfume the whole house. Yes, they do drip sticky stuff, but it cleans up fairly easily. My grandmother had one that filled a corner of her dining room and climbed along the ceiling molding halfway round the room. Mine came from a cutting from that one. They live forever.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Hoyas are definitely indoor plants here in NZ. I love them.

Suzi-k said...

silly me, and i thought that was dew on the flowers, interesting to see how widespread they are, just amongst this little group from across the world they have made their mark!