Monday, December 04, 2006

time is the enemy

Hi, there are so many creative and entertaining people who blog, and my list of favourite sites to visit grows daily. I find that, by the time I have visited them all, and followed where they lead with interesting links etc (how were those carved crayons on Kirsty's site?!!) I have run out of time to do my own post. So apologies, i had intended to do another of those fun and funky ideas things, but, as they say here "More is nog n dag" which means "tomorrow is another day".... let's hope it's less manic than this one!
My dashboard is playing up today, and is not giving a toolbar at the top, so I can't even post an arb. picture or give you a link to Kirsty, (but you can find her on 2 lime leaves on the sidebar.) So this is a way less colourful excuse than planned. Speaking of excuses, I am really looking forward to Wednesday on Deb's site (Red Shoe Ramblings) when all will be revealed in her competition... the actual sex scenes and the cop-out excuses, great idea Deb.


kirsty said...

Cor, I know what you mean ... some mornings I tell myself "Just read the new posts" and then I look at the clock and it's 10:00 am and I've been link-chasing for two hours.

kirsty said...

ps those crayons are STILL rocking my world!

Deb R said...

Thanks! Not many people entered either contest, but there are some fun stories! :-)