Wednesday, December 06, 2006

another perfect day in the bay...

Well, it would be, except that we are once again trying to beef up security systems after a burglary in the (already highly secured) office yesterday. Ho hum, I suppose if you live anywhere that is stunning, with a wonderful climate, low cost of living, easy traffic ... the whole planet would want to live there if there wasn't also the counterbalance of the negative factors. In our case, that is crime, and I have to say it is starting to wear a bit thin... this constant trying to keep one step ahead of the rotten sods who think it is their right to take whatever belongs to anyone else. So once again we await quotes on the latest so-called foolproof gizmos that are supposed to prevent the uninvited from strolling in and helping themselves. There could be a fortune in this for a clever lawyer, suing suppliers who promise the earth and then are full of excuses when the foolproof system turns out to be just as useless as everything else one tries. (At enormous expense, I might add)

OK, sorry about that, I'm back to my normal cheerful self, just had to let off a bit of steam!

Speaking of perfect days etc, here are 2 panoramics I took this morning from the still nameless one... The window at the top is a door leading from the main bedroom upstairs onto a little balcony, and this is the view the lucky occupants will wake up to: OR NOT, GRRRRRRRRRR!
I'll try again tomorrow

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kirsty said...

Crime certainly seems to be prevalent in your neck of the woods! A lot of people around here don't even CLOSE their doors, let alone lock them!!In fact, one lady I know told me that they don't even close the windows when they go away for the weekend - "The house is too hot when you get home."