Sunday, December 24, 2006

The port

A last post before Christmas…oooh that sounds morbid, like someone died and the bugle is going… Nahh, it’s happy and cheerful and VERRRRRY beautiful here… we are at Port St Francis(I waxed lyrical about it here)
We invested in a suite at the Port Hotel here recently, and since the transfer came through the other day, we decided to pop down for a day or two, bring a few bits of furniture to make it more homey, and NEST. I love nesting. Wherever I go, Max teases me because I don’t feel I am THERE till I have unpacked, moved things around, and then I feel I have settled in and can go with the flow.... chill.....enjoy the scenery...

This is a view from the walkway, back across the harbour to the hotel, our suite is the one on the bottom level, right hand side. (By the way, I blush at being so DOF (pronounced dorf), which is Afrikaans for just plain STUPID!!, but I envied everyone who had Clickable photos, and was even going to ask Deb how to do it, when I accidentally clicked on one of mine and found they are already clickable, so if you too are doff, and didn't know it before, you can now click merrily away when you want to see a larger detail of any of the photos!)

Because I will be connecting on the cellphone again, I’ll keep the pix to a minimum this time, but I’ll do a fuller story on this place soon, because we have photos going back to when it was first being built, and it is cool to track its progress.

So, to whet your appetite, (ALL TOGETHER NOW 1…2…3…)
And that goofy seal I mentioned in THIS post was back, wallowing around between the boats holding onto its tail with 1 fin, and presumably using the other to avoid colliding with anything.

This is a view looking out through the harbour entrance, to St Francis Bay village, dozing peacefully across the bay.

Look at this wonderful planting of alliums and agapanthus (agapanthi??) at the entrance to the new golfing estate down the road.

The egrets and herons were settling into the trees to roost for the night, with much jostling for position and raucous bantering.

Yesterday’s sunset was also pretty,

but not as spectacular as this morning’s sunrise….

We will be packing soon, to return to Port Elizabeth for a GARGANTUAN Christmas Eve dinner tonight, which Karen and Danni (her friend visiting from Zim) have already been slaving over for days, while Jason patiently took care of the lively Ethan.
Taking a break from renovating, so, PO, no updates till middle of next week, but it will be worth the wait.

I wish all family, friends and blog friends a WONDERFUL JOYOUS PEACEFUL HAPPY Christmas, and A DELIGHTFUL New Year!

The live


Shirley said...

Looks lovely there, Suzi. My daughter's partner (both here at present, along with my son) comes originally from South Africa. Best wishes for Christmas.

Deb R said...

Your posts are making me crave the sun, Sue. :-)

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas! Sending cyberhugs your way.

Janet said...

I always enjoy your photos and posts. Please, keep 'em coming!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!