Tuesday, December 05, 2006

YAY it's back!

Who woulda thought you could go into a decline over the absence of a few little icons! But this morning I am delighted to welcome back the toolbar at the top of this 'create post' page, so we can get colourful, (in fact to celebrate.....) and add pix again. In case it ever happens to you, I went to help, and ended up on that interactive chat page where you can follow threads where people help each other. Apparently it happened to a lot of people in the last 2 days, and one suggestion was to clear the temporary internet files cache. So I did that, but did not have time to go back and check if it worked. So maybe it did, or maybe it was just a Google glitch that was fixed by the support team, but anyway worth trying if it happens again.

So here is yesterday's fun ideas thing.

Our son and his girlfriend bought a lovely old house recently, (one of those gracious old post -Victorian beauties which abound around here) and in their absence, our daughter and I are going to renovate it a bit (not nearly as much as the potential allows, at this stage, because the budget is limited and it is going to be rented, so one doesn't want to put in all sorts of cool stuff to be ruined by tenants, but still the old girl will feel like she's had a facelift! I though it may be fun to follow the progress of the work on this site for a while, so I will be doing 'before and after' shots as we go along. Thank goodness for Skype! At least we can consult with the actual "Property Owners", (hereafter referred to collectively as PO) despite the fact that they are stuck away in a remote and very dusty corner of darkest Africa, and get their OK on what we are doing!
By the way, PO, she needs a name! How can this lovely old lady remain nameless? Suggestions please!
So here goes.... an introduction:
here is Xolisa in front of ....(nameless one), he helped me renovate an old cottage recently, and is a STAR!
And this is a (bad) cut and paste job to show the proposed fence in front which will beef up security but suit the style of the house.
The carpets were GROSS, years of dog poo and wee have taken their toll, eeeyyecgghh!
so out they came, as well as the vinyl in the kitchen and bathrooms. Still a lot of scraping and sanding to do, but nice wooden floors underneath, (Well the borer-beetles thought so too in a couple of places, but never fear, nothing a few un-eco friendly poisons can't sort out!) so watch this space!
the cute little guy is Ethan, our 2 year old grandson, who is very particular and not at all impressed with the mess we are making!


kirsty said...

What a beautiful beautiful house!! I am SO JEALOUS. I love renovating (much to Peter's chagrin). Although I can sympathize with the yucky job of vinyl removal. Ugh.

dinahmow said...

Hi! Harking back to your hoya query...try Googling for growing hoyas (don't let 'em fob you off with guff about camera lenses!)
There are several sites.
My experience has always been that the brutes are slow to flower. Also, they need to be kept rootbound and outside(with some shelter) for best performance.
PS My favourite is the Indian Rope hoya.

Deb R said...

That's gonna be a beauty!!!