Monday, December 25, 2006


Hi all, hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. This is a quick post to get our family up to date.

Dinner on Christmas eve, fun, food, family, friends
K pretends to be surprised about the pressie she bought for her own stocking!
K adores her blender....
I am delighted with my wacky handbag..
and Max laughs at his miniature garden gnome.
Ethan entertains us all on his keyboard .
TONS OF LOVE to all of you!


Pete & Jo said...

Hi Arty Farty- we have so enjoyed reading your blog together this afternoon. It was great to hear about your Christmas. Also what amazing memories about our Christmases in Nyanga. Do you remember arriving at 2am one time and the near miss when the tree nearly fell on your car? What about going all the way to Rusape to collect Prisca? What dreadful colonials!Remember the birthday party in the swimming pool shelter at the Chimanimani hotel? Pete almost breaking his back and been rushed off to Bonda Mission Hospital. Praise God he is still with us today! Thanks for the memories. Lots of love Dave, Jane, Jo, Pete and Jacob x

Terry said...

My husband just came in to peek over my shoulder and laughed out loud at the name of your blog! Your Christmas looks great. Is that an aspic? Looks yummy.

Seasons Greetings from Oregon—NW corner of the US.

Isn't the internet amazing? We can have friends all over the world. Makes me feel so well-traveled!

Suzi-k said...

hi Wests, yes..... good times together, great memories.
Hi Terry, glad your husband is home, now you can stop seeing faces! It is great how we get to build friendships across the planet. That is an old tomato aspic recipe my mom always used to make every Christmas, I have carried on the tradition, the colours look so good on the Christmas table, and it is great in hot weather. Yum, it is much too nice to only have once a year!