Thursday, September 13, 2007


Today we welcome a beautiful new little person to the planet, she is still waiting for a name (mom and dad want to get to know her and be sure it suits her) but she is fit and well and they are a delightful little family. All her grandparents (Max and Sue in South Africa, and Judy and Charlie in Spain) are delighted.

(Not to mention her little cousin, the look on his face when he heard she had arrived says it all!)
Her auntie K had a brainwave, so today we went around town taking photos, to put in an album for her, so one day when she is much older she can look back and see how her birthplace looked on the day she was born, and what changes have taken place since then. We did shots of some building developments,
like the soccer stadium that is going up for the 2010 World Cup,
and also the hospital she was born in (and the peacocks who hang about outside!)
K also wrote the date in the sand on the beach and we photographed it with the pier in the background.
We had to fill up with petrol while we were driving around, so we also took a shot of the fuel pump, and the hectic price of fuel in S.A. at the moment. I wonder what changes she will see as she grows up?

And then, ta ra ra ra........ the results of the blogiversary giveaway...
our official adjudicator picks a name out of the hat....
and the winner is.............
congrats Shirley, hope it fits in well with the new home. Send me your snail-mail address and I'll send it off next week.


Deb R said...

YAY for a healthy new baby on the planet!

And congrats to Shirley on being the contest winner!

kirsty said...

I am so happy for you all! Congratulations on a beautiful new family member :D

Ali Honey said...

She looks a wee darling. BEST WISHES TO THE WHOLE FAMILY!

I hope she has a healthy, interesting life and can look at the photos are compare how things change.

Enjoy and have lots of cuddles.

RUTH said...

Congratulations...wonderful news and a beautiful photo. :o)

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Congratulations! Please let us know what they decide to name this beautiful creature.
You lucky people! Having a new person in the family is priceless.